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DIY Fly Repellent

Simple Do-It-Yourself Methods to Keep House Flies Away House flies are notorious for bringing a lot of disease-causing germs and bacteria to our home. Let’s take a look at easy [...]

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Common Kitchen Pests

Drain Flies, Fruit Flies, and Indian Meal Moths It doesn't seem to matter how immaculate you keep your kitchen; you are bound to stumble into an infestation sooner or later. [...]

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Cluster Flies vs House Flies

Cluster Flies vs House Flies Rest Easy Pest Control is beyond any doubt the leading provider of pest control NYC and pest control NYC. With highly experienced pest control personnel, [...]

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Are Dragonflies Harmful to Humans?

Are the Beautiful Super-Predators, Dragonflies, Harmful to Humans? I had heard the praises of dragonflies being sung before—how they had incredible flight capabilities, insane hovering skills, and how the US [...]

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