Amazing Facts About Cockroach Milk

Scientists are constantly looking for new means to fulfill the needs of the masses. One amazing discovery made by biologists during their search for food resources is cockroach milk.

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Some people will hire a roach exterminator when they find themselves with an infestation. Others may take advantage of their nutritional value. Yes! You read that correctly! We are talking about milk from the nasty cockroach. So let’s have a look at some of the amazing facts about cockroach milk that you may not be aware of.


Giving Birth to Young Ones

Every insect and other arthropods living on this planet lay eggs to reproduce their next generation. Similarly, cockroaches also lay eggs and reproduce, but recently a species of the cockroach named Pacific Beetle Roach (Diploptera punctuate) has been discovered to give birth to young roaches, and produce milk to nourish them.


Cockroach milk is a pale yellow liquid which the mother feeds to the young ones from a brood sack.

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Rich Source of Nutrition

When the milk of the cockroach was analyzed in the laboratory, it was found that it constitutes three times more calories, protein, and calcium than buffalo milk.

Previously buffalo milk was considered to be the richest source of protein and calcium together. Because of its high nutritional value cockroach milk is also regarded as a superfood.

Cockroach milk contains small protein crystals holding nutrients, sugars, and fats. Laboratory analysis of these proteins shows that they all are made up of essential amino acids. So, it is expected that in the future we will be having one rich source of external amino acids.

One of the researchers who is working on the effectiveness of cockroach milk tasted this pale colored substance. He has stated that it’s pretty tasteless and therefore can be used in coffee. But that’s not a practical option as it has not yet been established whether cockroach milk is safe for human consumption or not.


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Future Expectations

Though it’s not known how secure cockroach milk is for human consumption. Cockroach milk is just one of the latest discoveries, and various research is taking place to study its structure, its efficiency, and how it can be utilized in the future.



Scientists, microbiologists, and genetic engineers have started to explore the milk-secreting gene inside the body of Cockroaches.

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It is not a feasible option to milk a cockroach because it doesn’t have nipples or udders. In addition to that, they have already started research to replicate that gene artificially. This will help them understand the properties and production capabilities of that gene in a much more secure and better way.


The Possibilities of Cockroach Milk

Scientists are expecting that studying the milk-producing gene of cockroach will lead them to discoveries. It is expected that besides this milk giving property, this species of cockroach possess the capability of fighting many diseases which a human can’t. Just one of a few other benefits cockroaches can provide.

Scientists anticipate that the gene structure of this cockroach is capable of fighting against cancer. We all know that cancer is the irregular and uncontrolled growth of the cells and is now the biggest issue which medical science is facing.

No doubt, work on cancer control has been started many years back, but still, medical science is unable to find a complete cure for cancer. So in such a crisis, this study of cockroach has become a ray of hope for the people who are in the constant fight against Cancer.

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