Pest Control Tips: Coming Home From College

Many of us can’t wait until our kids are coming home from college to the nest, if only for a short while. Sure, they may bring their dirty laundry with them and ask for a little spending money, but having them back into the fold is worth it.

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Of course, your excitement might wane a bit if your children either bring bugs into your house or create a situation where insects might be drawn to your home. Luckily, there are steps you can take to avoid this problem, and it comes down to the four C’s of pest control as it relates to visiting college students:

Step #1: Clean up your house

One of the best ways to promote cleanliness and pest control is to lead by example. Before your children arrive, be sure that all your trash has been taken out, no excess water has collected around your home, and that your food has been properly stored. You might even want to search for bed bugs or lay down some traps for cockroaches in anticipation of your children’s arrival.

Step #2: Check his or her things once they’re in your home

Preferably, you’d want to search for bed bugs and other types of bugs before your son or daughter even steps one foot inside your house. However, that might seem a little rude. Get a hug, say a few pleasantries, and if they brought dirty clothes, offer to clean them. Tell them you’ve had a few bugs recently, and you’d simply like to check their stuff to make sure they don’t come back.

Step #3: Conduct regular cleanings 

While it is important that you spend time with your children while they’re at home, this is no time to negate any of your cleaning responsibilities. Make sure that you continue to stick with whatever routine you normally follow. In fact, with an extra person who might very well be eating potato chips in the living room, you may want to step up your efforts a bit. Continue to take out the garbage, as needed, wipe down the kitchen, etc. Basically, you need to remain stringent with your pest control cleaning efforts.

Step #4: Converse with your son or daughter

Although they’re still young, your kids aren’t exactly children anymore, no matter how much you’d love for them to stay that way. Growing up means taking on more responsibilities. When they’re in your house visiting, this includes helping you maintain pest control. This doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable discussion. Simply explain that you love having them there, but you need assistance with helping keep things clean. It won’t hurt them to throw out the trash for you once or twice.***

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