Retirement and assisted living communities are one of the key communities which face problems with pests. Pests are a major source of discomfort in New York and are no different for the retirement and assisted living communities here. The pests which are generally found to be lurking in the corner of the rooms or kitchens of these retirement homes are mainly spiders, cockroaches, ants, bed bugs and so on.

Retirement and assisted living spaces are generally inhibited by people aged over fifty-five years of age. These are one of the most sensitive living spaces for people who are in need of assistance and hence, needs a special focus on their living standards. And when these living spaces are contaminated by these pests which can cause not only severe irritation but also fatal, life-threatening diseases, it becomes a serious concern.

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Quality Pest Control for Assisted Living Communities

At Rest Easy Pest Control, we have dedicated, experienced practitioners who have years of experience in providing pest control services throughout New York. Our sole intention is contributing to help build a better community. Retirement and assisted living communities are one of our main priorities.

Retirement and assisted living properties on Long Island and NYC areas are subject to unannounced visits by the Department of Health keeping in mind the safety and security of people living in retirement homes. Our exterminators pay heed to the quality and integrity of your community.

We assure top notch pest removal and eradication with proven strategies. These methods will make sure your retirement home or assisted living communities has zero complaints in the pest department.

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Rest Easy Pest Control has been a household name in the field of commercial pest control, providing an integrated pest management approach to retirement and assisted living communities. We have years of experience and a dedicated team of skilled service providers and entomologists.

At Rest Easy, we use only the most advanced technologies to locate and eradicate pests in retirement and assisted living communities. We also prove our effectiveness in the field of household pest control service.

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Retirement and assisted living communities to have various elements that a commercial pest control service provider has to look out for. One of which is the health and security of the people staying in these communities.

Our experienced exterminators have the proper knowledge in regards to how to go about these sensitive living areas. Some pesticides could be more of a threat to elderly people. With us, you’ll have all the info and procedures needed to stay safe.

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