Fall Pest Control: Top 4 Common Fall Pests

As the fall season approaches homeowners find it increasingly difficult to defend their home from unwelcome pests. Let’s take a look at the most common fall pests you might encounter during this season, and why you may require pest control services to help get rid of them.

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#1. Crickets Never Shut Up

When crickets rub their wings together they create that high-pitched racket we’ve all heard throughout our lives they’re not doing anything nefarious. They’re not trying to annoy us, but they do.

Most of us can relate to the idea of hearing a cricket chirp constantly, and the trouble we’ve taken to locate it. An infestation can be difficult to locate which is why it’s best to employ a professional pest control expert with the experience necessary to find them, and remove them from your home.


Crickets caught on a sticky trap

Crickets on trap


Many homeowners don’t consider pest control services to get rid of crickets. What they don’t realize is that the eggs laid by a cricket take nearly a year to hatch, which means that an infestation can break out at any time.

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#2. Stink Bugs: Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

Even though stink bugs don’t bite or sting they can still be a huge nuisance for many homeowners. Once the hot summer season winds down, and turns to fall, these smelly insects come out of hiding. Which means it’s time for you to start watching out for them.

Stink bugs don’t like the cold weather, so as the winter months approach they need to find protection against the colder weather. Trying to find shelter is a big reason why so many of stink bugs will attempt to make their way into your home.


a stink bug on a branch of a tree

Stink Bug


Luckily you won’t have to worry about stink bugs reproducing in your home. When they sneak in through the cracks and crevices of your home they are not looking for a place to reproduce, but simply for a warm place to stay during the winter. However, the smell they give off can be a problem in your home.

The big problem caused by stink bugs is the effect they have on crops every year. They love to feast on vegetation, and because they reproduce so much at an amazing rate, it doesn’t take long before considerable damage has been done.

Your garden and indoor plants are also in danger. They seem to like tomato plants, so if you have any of those in your garden you’ll want to take special care of them. Inside your home you should look for the telltale signs of indoor plants having been chewed on.


#3. Ants Are Everywhere!

It is rather typical for a homeowner to wake up to a trail of ants running back and forth inside the kitchen. Ants can quickly turn into a huge problem, and you can easily find yourself in the middle of thousands of these tiny pests.

Of all the ants that could invade your house in the fall you should particularly look out for carpenter ants.


carpenter ants on the wooden structure

Carpenter Ants Infestation


Even though these bugs won’t eat your wood like termites will, carpenter ants do chew through the wood in your home to build a nest for their young.

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If left unchecked this could lead to extensive damage that will cost you a lot to fix later. If they’re in your home your best bet will be to employ a pest control service to help you get rid of ants.

#4. Bed Bugs Are Back With A Vengeance

Due to increased travel these bugs are quickly becoming a massive problem. Many homeowners often have a difficult time removing them from their homes. Bed bugs are parasites that feed on human blood for sustenance. More importantly they require blood to go through the several stages of their life cycle. These bugs hide in cracks and crevices within your house and mattress.


bed bug on carpet

Bed Bug


A professional pest control service to rid your home of bed bugs is often the most thorough and fastest way to go. Of all household bugs these can be the hardest to get rid of.

One big danger of taking care of bed bugs on your own is the fact that they might come back. A professional pest control service can consult with you on how to rid your home of any and all pests.

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