5 Proven Home Remedies to Kill Mice

Mice are cute and friendly to the extent of the cartoons we all grew up watching, but in reality, they are unwelcoming, and a huge cause for alarm.

a mouse is scurrying on the ground

After all, they do scurry all over and hide in dark spots we didn’t even know the existence of mice, making it all the more difficult to track them down.

On top of that, they reproduce quickly, chew up furniture and pieces of wires, and carry diseases, too. Due to the chaos mice could wreck, the first thing you might want to do is purchase some mice killing product to prevent any infestation. However, the good news is that you don’t need to go that far.


That’s right! Some natural ingredients that are right under your nose can work just as effectively as those products you were going to buy!


You should know that mice are attracted to sweet scents. Keeping this in mind, all you need to do is use any of the ingredients mentioned below to make a homemade mouse poison that will be too irresistible for the mouse in your house. You can also hire your local mice exterminator to get rid of the problem.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients first.

Homemade Mouse Poison 

For your very own homemade mouse poison, try one of the following home ingredients:

The Mouse Poison Base:

  1. Plaster: Plaster dries up hard over time when mixed with the right amount of water or anything liquid. Mixing it with a sweetener can make this an effective mouse poison. Once the mouse is lured by the sweet scent of the poison and consumes it, the plaster will harden up inside it, choking it and eventually killing it.
  1. Cement: Just like the plaster, cement also hardens up when mixed with water. You can use cement in the same fashion as the plaster described above, and you’re guaranteed to have similar results. However, cement dries up far quicker than plaster, so go about it accordingly. Other than that, it’s a good alternative for plaster-like effects if you’re short of plaster.
  1. Potato flakes: Many of you might be unaware of this, but mice love the scent of potatoes. Unlike cement or plaster, potato flakes generate gas once they’re combined with water. So if a mouse consumes that paste, the flakes will cause its stomach to expand to the eventual point of exploding.
  1. Baking Soda: Baking soda works just like potato flakes. Once it is mixed up with the other ingredients such as chocolate or sugar, this poison is ready to be consumed by mice who will soon explode to death upon consumption.
  1. Aspartame: For those of you who are unaware of this ingredient, aspartame is an artificial sweetener often used as a substitute for sugar. This is yet another popular ingredient for killing mice and can be used instead of cement and potato flakes. Although, you’ll have to mix it with peanut butter to turn this into consumable poison for the mice.


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The Mouse Poison Sweeteners:

We mentioned how you should add sweeteners to your poison since their scent is what lures the mice.  Here are a few sweeteners you can choose from:

  • sugar
  • chocolate
  • peanut butter
  • honey

They’re all sweet, they all have great taste, and above all, they all have a strong sweet scent which will undoubtedly attract the mice to the poison. Although, be reminded that they don’t have a killing effect on mice, so be sure to mix them up with any of the aforementioned ingredients for the batter.

The Mouse Poison Glue

The dry sweetened batter wouldn’t be easy to chew up, so you need to hold it together and soften it with something moist.

You can either use water, honey, cream, milk or even chicken broth. Just make sure you don’t use anything sour like yogurt.

a mouse is chewing food


The Mouse Poison Final Recipe:

First decide between the ingredients from each of the three groups: the base, the sweeteners, and the ‘glue.’ For instance, you chose baking soda, chocolate, and cream, respectively.

Now, use each of the three ingredients in a 1:1:1 ratio and mix them all to create consumable bites. Ensure that they’re smooth and not too sticky, and small enough to be easily consumed by mice.

Setting the Trap

Once you’re done preparing the poison, lay it out in places close to their hideouts or where you commonly see them.




Set up traps where you can clean the mess later, you don’t want the nauseating smell to spread if they die in obscured places.


Also, do keep checking on the poison from time to time since it might dry up and need replacement after that. So there you go. The complete guide to homemade mouse poison for which you won’t even have to make a trip to the market.

The next time you notice mice scurrying in your home don’t spend money on mouse killers from the market. Instead, you can use these natural ingredients to kill the mice instead. Happy mouse hunting!***

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