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Rat Infestation Following Hurricane Sandy

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How to Keep Out Rodents After A Flood

People dealing with the effects of Hurricane Sandy and its resulting floods have a lot to worry about. These concerns include the safety of family members, cleaning up their home, assessing any damage, and … rats?

keep out rats after a flood, Rat Infestation Following Hurricane Sandy: How to Keep Out Rodents After A Flood

That’s right. If you are the victim of a flood, you must not only tackle damage to your home, but you must be aware of rodent problems that can occur in the aftermath. As if you didn’t have enough to deal with, huh? This is why it’s important to learn how to clean up and keep rodents out of your house after a flood.

Pulled from their homes

The reason why rodent problems occur after a flood is that the rising water literally pulls the critters out of the safety of their homes. From there, they float along aimlessly into the streets.

After a major flood or hurricane, there could be hundreds or thousands of rodents looking for shelter. Just imagine hordes of rodents displaced from their homes, all looking for new places to live.

Be aware of contamination

You must understand that flood water that makes its way into your home has been contaminated. One source of this contamination is rodent urine and dead carcasses. Although the risk of disease being spread may not be too high due to the low concentration, it is still a concern that you must consider. Contamination is why many people wear protective gear when wading inside the water from a flood.

keep out rats after a flood, Rat Infestation Following Hurricane Sandy: How to Keep Out Rodents After A Flood

Stop more water from coming inside

This should be a priority. Rodent problems will often happen after a flood because the pests simply float into your home. Rats are excellent swimmers, in addition to being great climbers.

As soon as they make contact with something solid inside your house, you might have more than water to worry about. If you put a stop to more water entering your home, fewer rodents will have an easy way inside.

Follow normal procedures

Once the water from a flood has receded, follow the normal steps to stop rodents from coming inside. Block any openings, seal any cracks, and set up traps for those that continue trying to get inside your home. Also, make sure to remove any debris or trash both inside and outside that might attract them.

Enlist the help of a professional

After a flood, rodent problems can quickly get out of hand. Depending on where you live, the concentration of rodents needing a new home can be quite intimidating.

In some cases, you might be looking at dozens of the pests working hard to call your new home theirs. A pest control expert can evaluate your needs and, more importantly, dispose of the rodents with less fuss.***

Rat Infestation Following Hurricane Sandy: How to Keep Out Rodents After A Flood


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