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How to Keep Bugs Out of Your Christmas

For many, Christmas is a time for friends, family, good food, and loads of presents. Unfortunately, it also means a possible increase of household bugs trying to make their way inside your house.

decorating a christmas tree

Why do we often see an influx of insects around the holidays? The answer is much simpler than you might think.

Here’s a hint … food! – Keep Bugs Out

Christmas is full of cooking. Some families eat a whole turkey, while others enjoy a holiday ham. Plus, there are pies and some other desserts to consider. Many families cook quite a bit around the holidays.

Household bugs can sense this, which means they’ll be out in droves, trying to partake of some of those Christmas goodies. To protect your food, not to mention your family and home, you must learn how to stop those pests from coming inside.

More food = more trash

With an increase in food preparation comes an increase in waste that must be disposed of. Between all the pies, hams, cranberries, and everything else in between, many households discard a large number of food containers that often have remnants of food still inside them. Once the household bugs realize that, they’ll come running as fast as their six little legs can carry them.

Prevention is easy. As soon as you’re finished with a disposable container of any kind, discard it in a plastic trash bag and make sure it’s sealed so that the smell stays inside. Once it’s full, or at the end of the day, take it out to your larger garbage can.

This will prevent household bugs (and other pests) from gaining access to it. And when you’re dealing with leftovers, make sure you keep them in sealed plastic containers, and once the container is empty, rinse it so that you can get rid of any remaining bits of food.

Seal cracks to keep bugs out

Households bugs often get inside your house by entering through cracks and crevices in your home. These gaps can be found anywhere, but you should pay special attention to your basement and attic, plus around your windows and doors. If needed, an HVAC professional can help you determine where the gaps are.

From there, your job will be to seal the cracks and gaps, if you hope to keep the household bugs out of your home. Most sealing can be done yourself. Depending on the size of the problem areas that you find, you may need to use household caulk, spray foam, or weatherstripping.

But no matter what you need to use, following up your garbage regimen with the sealing of any conduits for household bugs to get into your house will do wonders to keep them out.***

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