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Keep Pests Out of Your Bedroom

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Keep Pests Out of Your Bedroom

When we’re asleep in our beds at night, we like to think that we’re protected. For the most part, we are. The doors are all locked. Windows are secured. Maybe you even have an alarm that you turn on at night. The precautions we take mean that we can all have a good night’s sleep without too much worry.

`Unfortunately, household pests aren’t the typical intruders that locked doors and alarm systems will stop. While you’re dreaming of sugarplums or whatever else, these small creatures are trying to get into every room in your home, including your bedroom. That is why you must focus some of your best home pest control techniques on this specific room. Let’s take a look at 3 tips that you can use to keep pests out of your bedroom…

Seal up any openings

This is where the best home pest control starts. Pests can’t simply walk through your walls to get inside your bedroom (at least, let’s hope not … if so, you have a much bigger problem on your hands). The easiest way for them to get into your bedroom is to take advantage of any cracks or gaps in your walls, door frame, etc. This will keep many pests out of your bedroom, especially the smaller ones. The precise method of sealing will depend on the size of the opening. Small gaps can usually be sealed with a little caulk. Medium–sized ones may require an expandable spray foam. And for larger problems, weather stripping will probably be the best choice.

Set up traps

If you’re having a problem with pests getting inside your bedroom at night, setting up traps will help take care of it. There are a few different types of

mouse trap with cheese

traps, depending on what you’re dealing with. With bed bugs, for example, you can choose from an active trap that attracts victims and an inactive version that catches them when they try to get into your bed at night. Some traps are designed to hold the pests captive, while others contain poison or are spring-loaded (as in the case of some rodent traps), designed to eliminate the problem.

Keep your bedroom clean

Pests are often attracted to food and drink, no matter where they are in your house If you’re the kind of person who leaves this sort of stuff in your bedroom, you’re simply adding to the problem. The best home pest control plan includes the removal of all food waste products immediately. Before you go to bed at night, be sure to take any food or drinks out of your bedroom and dispose of them properly. This will cut down on the number of pests trying to get sneak in.

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