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Pest Control Harbor Isle NY

Throughout the Long Island, NY area the best Pest Control Harbor Isle is Rest Easy Pest Control. Our team of exterminators is experienced and trained in the safest and most effective extermination techniques.

Over the years we’ve handled infestations of pests like bed bugs, ants, rodents, spiders, cockroaches, rats, and termites, to name just a few. After a decade of experience treating the homes of New York, we have achieved a strong position of being the best.

Rat in a white background


Many households have children, and due to their weaker immune system, they are more susceptible to disease-carrying pests such as rats and mice. These rodents are common carries of harmful bacteria. Rodents love to nibble on things and are always in constant search for food.

They usually hide in attics and basements. Sometimes rodents cause a massive problem in regards to electrical systems. These have a tendency to bite wires all the time. They make sure not to waste their razor-sharp teeth hence the gnawing does not stop.

Pests in Harbor Isle

Termites on a decay tree bark

Winged termites

Termites are drawn to the wood in homes, and they stop at nothing until the property gets eaten away. They operate in colonies and love moisture and warm weather. New York has an abundance of those conditions.

Infestations of these pests are difficult to treat using home remedies, and most of the time they do not work. We make sure to eradicate these pests from your homes using family safe techniques so that we do not disturb anyone’s well-being. Rest Easy Pest Control is best known for their efficiency and cleanliness.

For commercial areas we know how things work in and out of the buildings. We make sure to use utmost discretion while working. Sometimes it is not ideal for us to work during working hours of the client or staff. So, we have services which we offer during weekends, and night shifts as well.

Our teams are very dedicated when it comes to destroying these pests. After effective extermination, we also educate the clients and staff on how to take preventive measures so that another infestation does not take place. We pride ourselves on being discrete and using humane methods so that everyone is satisfied.

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Rest Easy Pest Control can help you take proactive steps against these insects. They offer the best extermination service by utilizing specialists who are knowledgeable in recent extermination techniques, and are trained to use safe solutions. This all ensures that you get the very best service without the disruption of your well-being. It’s our goal to get rid of all pests from your home.***