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Pest Control Manhasset Hills NY

If your home is infested with pets, call the best pest control Manhasset Hills, Rest Easy Pest Control. There’s nothing lacking in the neighborhoods of Manhasset Hills: sturdy houses, good parks, safe roads and most importantly, no pests, thanks to the many hours Rest Easy Pest Control has put in to rid the households of in the area.

Whether it be bugs like bed bugs, bees, ants, fleas, and ticks or be it rodents, our team of qualified and certified exterminators is more than equipped to handle any kind of pest issue you may be dealing with!

The more common pests that keep pestering us are bugs. Most bugs do not possess the ability to transmit infectious diseases to human beings. In truth, the most a bug usually can do is rid you of a good night’s sleep. But then again, that is only relevant for certain types of bugs.

There are bugs, such as termites which are wood-gnawing creatures, which may single-handedly turn out to be the sole pest responsible for turning your house into huge sandcastle. Often, termites may be living inside the house long before any settlers have already moved in, especially if it is a newly constructed house. This is why it is very important for recently moved in homeowners to be ensured that their houses are fully termite free.

Disturbing Pests

While, in the case of other bugs, there are ways of sensing their presences, termites are tiny and resemble the shape of ants. With the exception of termite damaged wood, there are no other signs of a termite infestation that may be visible to the eye of a homeowner, who is not a pest control specialist.

Rest Easy Pest Control termite experts first look for areas with more damaged wood and then they look for mud tubules around that same area.  These mud tubules may be usually found over walls and the joints of the floors, created by termites in order for them to be able to commute from their underground nesting areas into the structure of the house.

These mud tubules may go undetected well for years until homeowners may notice any kind of difference in the surrounding of their house.  Often, even our skilled specialists may be at a loss against these invisible enemies, which is where our inspectors come into action. Even after your house has been fully eradicated of any sort of termite activity, we offer services such as routine checks in order to keep the house pest-free as usual.

different types of pests

There are other types of bugs and rodents, the extermination of which is assisted by detection dogs. These creatures include bed bugs, ants, and mice. Rest Easy Pest control also believes in going forward with non-medicinal approaches, such as the usage of trappings and full inspection, in addition to using dogs.

Our detection dogs also come along with canine specialists, hired for the sole responsibility of handling them. This is because we understand how the operations of a pest control service may affect the daily lives of the family members involved and therefore, make it one of our goals to mitigate the possible hassles as much as possible.

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If you are a client looking for the services of a pest control company, you have come to the right place! Other services of Rest Easy Pest Control include humane animal trapping and removal of animals such as rats and mice.

We also specialize in rodent control and removal and much more. We also offer to remove the dead animals from your premises as they may, in turn, attract many other types of pests such as fleas and ticks, thus starting the whole cycle again.***