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Pest Control Mitchell Field NY

Any homeowner living in a residential area such as Mitchell Field needs to always have these following utilities’ contact numbers in hand: gas, water, oil, and a pest control Mitchell Field service. A pest control company that can offer you the solutions to all your problems whether that problem is a bed bug, a rat or mice, mosquitoes, and wasps and other stinging insects.

Our years of knowledge and experience have made us capable of handling any sort of pest issue. All you have to do is call us or directly apply for an infestation check and you may leave the rest of the work to us. By the time Rest Easy Pest Control is done not only will all remnants of the pest be gone but all its entry points into the house will be gone as well!

The Unwanted Pests

As easy as it may sound though, we do follow a specific procedure which consists of four steps through which we accomplish our goals.  First, we investigate. While we encourage our clients to try to recognize the kind of pest issue they may be experiencing as it gives us a clue in on what kind of extermination method they may have to apply, our specialists will come into your home prepared to search for all kinds of potential pests you may be housing.

Our investigation helps us to successfully identify the pests, rodents or even wildlife creatures.

Secondly, we procure all the information about the house itself, keeping in mind these factors: number of nesting areas, proximity to access points, the temperature of the living area and many more. On the basis of all these information, we can now proceed to the third step of our procedure: designing the outline of the treatment.

It should be noted that all our treatments mostly follow the non-medicinal approach in order to ensure the health and safety of the family members and pets involved. This is because Rest Easy Pest Control understands how an exterminating procedure may prove to be hassled in the daily lives of people.

Our aim is to go hard on the pests but only in order to make life easy for our clients. Thus, the usage of harmful substances such as insecticides and pesticides is only reserved for the rare occasion. Fourthly and lastly, after the successful and complete implementation of the treatment, we apply preventive measures such as the full sanitation of the nesting areas and caulking of the hole openings and entry points so that the pests do not get access into the home via the same ways.

termites swarming in front of a house

Termite Infestation

Call for Pest Control Mitchell Field

In addition to the four steps, we also provide the optional service of routine infestation checks. While a homeowner may eventually realize that a rat or a cockroach has gotten inside the house, tinier bugs such as termites may be harder to detect.

Termites are wingless and invisible pests which do not feed on humans; rather they gnaw on wood. Termites may carry on their work of damaging wood for years until a homeowner may detect any noticeable damage. By then, though, it may be too late.

Our pest control services are extremely successful and we strive to perfect them. Our exterminators are some of the most qualified in the Nassau county are and we are only getting better by the day. If you are experiencing a pest problem, be sure to keep Rest Easy Pest Control in mind to get the best results possible. You will not regret using our service, that is for sure.***