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Rest Easy Pest Control is a fully-fledged pest control company serving in Seaford, NY. We offer pest control benefits in Seaford and the encompassing regions. Call for Pest Control in Seaford at Rest Easy Pest Control when you spot a pest infestation.

Rest Easy Pest Control Seaford has been giving pest control in Seaford and the encompassing ranges for a considerable time now, with no complaints whatsoever. We keep on setting high expectations for ourselves with the goal that our clients get the ideal pest control services.

Getting Rid of the Unwanted Pests

When we talk about pests, we concentrate only on some generalized irritations such as cockroaches, bed bugs, moths, spiders, etc. But these are not the only probable infestations that can happen around us. Let’s look at some of the behaviors and habits of some uncommon or less common pests.

Oriental Cockroach

a cockroach on a green leaf

The oriental cockroach (Blatta orientalis), otherwise called the water bug, is an extensive type of cockroach, grown-up guys being 18– 29 mm and adult females being 20– 27 mm. It is dull darker to dark in shading and has a lustrous body. They can frequently be found in sewers, channels, moist storm cellars, yards, and other soggy areas.

Camel Crickets

The Camel Cricket is a current nuisance to property holders appearing in storm cellars and carports. They like moistness and will eat creepy crawlies and paper. They don’t make a commotion yet will bounce high. They are dynamic lasting through the year, however, a considerable measure of grumblings come in the fall.

Grain Moth

Otherwise called storeroom moth or Indian meal moth. These moths will permeate a wide range of grain items in your kitchen or washroom or anyplace you store these sorts of dry nourishments. The source originates from sustenance producers and will arise from a crate of pasta or grain.

Carpenter Bee

a bee is pollinating

These honey bees just build homes in the woods. They look like honey bees yet bigger. They penetrate openings in wood, and the guys will be seen drifting around the gaps securing females and hatchlings. The females will sting however they all can threaten.

They can do a decent measure of harm to decks, play areas, carports, and some other wood encircling the house. They should be ceased, or the harm will deteriorate each year.

“In the long run, the best thing to do is to get in touch with an exterminator as soon as you suspect something has gone wrong. Do not doubt your instincts, or dismiss them.”


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Here at Rest Easy Pest Control, we have gradually progressed with our Termite Control and Rodent Control Services individually to name a few to offer our clients with the freedom to choose different forms of exterminators according to their needs and wants.

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