Bed Bug Prevention Tips For College Students

While many of our suggestions in regards to bed bugs, and pest control in general, refer to homeowners and what they can do to protect themselves, this time we’re going to focus on college students. If you have a child in college, are a college student yourself, or are planning to attend, listen up as we regale you with our bed bug answers.

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It’s best to avoid them at all costs instead of having to hire a bed bug exterminator.

These are some tips for college students:

#1: Conduct an initial inspection

This may be too late for many of you. If you’re already living in a dorm or other such living quarters, then you can skip ahead. If you are thinking of moving, or are entering college in either the summer or fall, however, then it is important that you conduct an initial inspection of your living space.

Look for any signs of bed bugs — tenants who have woken up with small red spots, feces in the furniture (use a disposable glove and run it across the interior of the couch), or leftover skins that the bed bugs have shed.

Whether or not you have just moved in, you should check to see if there are any cracks or gaps in the wall or elsewhere. This is where various insects and other pests can slip into your house. Therefore, it’s important to do a thorough inspection to completely eliminate the source of pest infestations.


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#2: Be watchful of who enters your dorm or apartment

Bed bugs spread from one location to another very quickly. Quite often, they travel by getting onto a person’s body and hitching a ride. If your neighbor down the hall has bed bugs in his dorm room or apartment and he doesn’t realize it (or even if he does), these parasites could easily use them as a conduit to enter your home.

One thing these bed bug answers might not be able to provide is how to broach the subject of bed bugs in the first place because it can be a tricky discussion to navigate. Just be sure to use a little tact when you ask.

#3: Keep your living quarters clean and free of clutter

Bugs love a dirty apartment almost as much as college students seem to. Yes, you’re away from parents, which means you’re away from prying eyes and can pretty much do whatever you want. However, that doesn’t mean it’s time to leave dirty dishes in your sink for a week or not take out the garbage.

Independence is a great thing, but now is also the time to learn responsibility. Of all the pest control answers, the question of how important cleanliness is to keep insects at bay cannot be understated.***


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