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Rat Infestation For Business and Your Home

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Rat Infestation For Business and Your Home

No matter how you try to spin it, the idea of rat infestation is never good. While it’s possible that you knew someone in school while growing up who had a pet rat, the rats found in homes and businesses that are out foraging for themselves are not quite the same. Rat infestations are bad news for both your business and your home, and it’s important that you put a stop to them as quickly as possible.

Rat infestation in your home

The mere thought of a rat in your house is enough to send shivers down the spine of most people. Simply put, they are disgusting creatures. Which isn’t even their fault. When rats crawl through sewers, they are simply trying to survive the harsh environment. In a lot of ways, in fact, you can envy them, at least to a point. But these creatures also carry disease and can contaminate your food. Their teeth are larger than a mouse’s, which means they can do even more damage. Rats will chew through anything and that includes electrical wires, which means they can also cause fire hazards.

Rat infestation in your business

No one wants to shop in a store where there could possibly be rats. As previously mentioned, they carry disease, and are often filthy. This is why rat infestations — or even one rat — can quickly become a health violation, leading to fines and even a possible shutdown of your business if the problem is not rectified. If your company includes grocery items, there is a chance that rats will feast on various types of food at night while the store is closed. But even if your business is in an office building, you must worry about issues such as chewed electrical wires, as noted above.

Rat Infestation

How to put a stop to them

If there is any silver lining when it comes to rat infestations, it’s that there are a number of ways to prevent them if they haven’t become a problem yet, and ways to deal with them if they have. If the problem is small, setting rat traps around your home or business can be enough, though you may need to utilize something a little more sophisticated than the spring-loaded ones.

long rat

It is also important that you clean out trash and debris as soon as possible. At home, this means taking out the trash on a regular basis and not allowing dishes to pile up, since the smell of both can attract rats from outside. At your business, this may be as simple as keeping your employees’ break area clean. And finally, it is a good idea to schedule a pest control expert on a regular basis.

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