Top 5 Pest Control Tips for Your Retail Business

Anyone in retail knows the importance of cleanliness. Dirty stores—whether they be grocery stores, clothes store, or any other type of retail establishment—cause customers to shop elsewhere. Check these top five retail pest control tips to keep your business clean and make your customers happy.

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For many shoppers, the most distressing sign of “housekeeping” negligence is pests. When people see pests in your store, or even if they just see signs of pest infestation, they usually get disgusted—and that’s not the feeling you want to inspire in customers!

Retailers who don’t have adequate retail pest control also risk violating governmental regulations, opening themselves up to lawsuits, and suffering property damage due to pest destruction (e.g., eating wood, burrowing wood, gnawing wiring, disrupting plumbing or HVAC systems).

Fortunately, retail pest control is not that complicated. By following these five steps in this infographic, you can keep your store pest free and maintain a reputation for cleanliness.

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Pest Control Tips for Retail Business (Infographic)

Top 5 Pest Control Tips for Your Retail Business

1. Inspect the surrounding grounds of your business facility for areas where water stands, and fix those areas. Also remove any debris, such as piles of junk pallets. Keep the surrounding area free of trash. If you routinely throw away food, focus on always getting all of it into the dumpster and not leaving behind spills.

2. Check the exterior of your building(s) for any openings that would allow pests inside and seal those up.

3. Keep your store—including storage areas—as clean and uncluttered as possible. Cluttered spaces provide more attractions for pests and more places to conceal themselves. Never leave food out overnight, and empty any trash cans with food in them daily.

4. Train your employees in proper procedures to prevent pests (e.g., throwing away food properly, keeping doors and windows closed) and make sure they understand the importance. Also, train them in how to spots signs of infestation so that they can identify problems before customers do.

5. Call a retail pest control specialist. A pest control company will inspect your premises and treat any existing infestation they find. They also will discuss preventative measures and point out problem areas they identify. Finally, they will schedule regular follow-up inspections and preventative treatments so that you never have to fret about retail pest control again.

If you have a pest infestation in your retail business property, call Rest Easy Pest Control.***