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Insects that Survive Winter in NYC

A number of bugs are resilient when it comes to dealing with increasing or decreasing outdoor temperatures.

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When you think of household bugs invading your home, you are more likely to imagine the summer and fall variety. The common belief is that it starts in the spring and as the temperature warms up, the number of insects increases as the year goes along. For many common types of household bugs, this is absolutely true.

That doesn’t mean, however, that your home will be free of all pests in the winter months. Some homeowners let their guard down, only to discover that an infestation of household bugs is almost as likely in the colder weather as it is when it’s warmer outside. Which means pest control should always be exercised.

“Some household bugs aren’t fazed too much by cold weather.”

A number of bugs are resilient when it comes to dealing with increasing or decreasing outdoor temperatures. There is a reason why common insects don’t become extinct. Some are built to deal with cold weather. Cockroaches are so resilient, in fact, that they can survive a nuclear winter. And that’s really saying something.

Cockroaches aren’t alone, however. Although many insects, such as ants, will stock up on food for the cold winter months, they’re not going to sit around and wait for the weather to warm up in the event that they run out of food or haven’t stored enough. Instead of starving to death, the critters will make their way into your home to find food.


While some bugs are strong enough to survive the dead of winter, others are more vulnerable. When this is the case, these bugs will do whatever it takes to get inside your home. Their plan is to wait out the winter and emerge again in the spring. Stink bugs, for example, are notorious for this. They are not fans of the cold, so they spend a great deal of time trying to get inside, where they can take refuge in your walls.

Another common household insect that you might have a problem with during the winter is the dreaded bed bug. These parasites can often live on your walls or furniture for months without sustenance. They don’t like cold weather, and your house makes a perfect place to stay warm.

While it may be true that some household bugs will stay away once the cold weather hits, don’t expect your home to be complete “bug-free.” The fact is, some insects are barely affected by the changes in weather, and others will enter your home to use it as a place to hide. This is why taking steps for pest control is always important, regardless of what season it is.***

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