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Rest Easy Pest Control Provides Pest Free Homes

Your home is your castle, as the saying goes, whether it’s a modest condo or a show-stopping mansion. There’s nothing more important than protecting your investment, not to mention your family and pets.

Pest control is critical because left to their own devices pests can invade your home and outdoor living areas such as patios and landscaping. They threaten your health and well-being, your comfort, your belongings and even your home itself. They can cause disease and do an astounding amount of damage.


You can count on mosquitoes to return for spring and summer, especially here: Long Island, Eastern Long Island, the metro New York area and New York City.

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Bees & Wasps

There are many different stinging insects that are bothersome on Long Island and NYC areas. Effective stinging insect control involves not only controlling…

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Mice & Rats

We offer a full inspection of your home to make sure we identify where are rodents living. We can then determine the best places to set traps and seal all entry points.

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Are you under siege from an army of ants? It can certainly feel that way. We know you cannot get that Rest Easy Feeling when you’re constantly battling ants, indoors or around your yard.

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Termites can entirely destroy a structure before you even realize they’re there. And they can be especially problematic here in our temperate New York climate. We understand termites…

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Bed Bugs

Our Long Island bed bug exterminators know how to effectively identify and control bed bugs with effective non-invasive methods. These work as effectively as chemical treatments.

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We also deal with

• Cockroaches • Fleas • Crickets • Spiders • Stink bugs and more…

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Whatever your pest problems, our experts here at Rest Easy Pest Control understand what you’re going through. We provide complete pest control services for year-round detection and removal, and we can deal swiftly with seasonal pest issues, to give you that Rest Easy Feeling all year long.

We’ll work with you to discuss your specific situation and create a customized pest control solution to eliminate current problems and ensure you stay pest-free from now on. You can count on us to provide the confidence and peace of mind that come from knowing your home and family are fully protected.

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