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The sound of cricket song in the evenings is a sign that summer has arrived! Belonging to the grasshopper family, this small insect can be recognized by its distinctive antennae, which equal or sometimes surpass its body in length. Large, hind legs help the cricket to jump and hop from place to place.

spider cricket on a white background

The famous chirp attributed to crickets is created when male crickets rub their wings in tandem.  Largely outdoor creatures by nature, crickets are known to enter our homes by accident – usually, through doors and windows, we may have left open. They can also intrude into our homes through the cracks formed adjacent to windows that are improperly fitted or gaps under the doors.

Unlike common pests like mosquitoes and fleas that carry diseases or damage property and belongings, crickets pose no direct health threats to humans. At the most, crickets can be considered as an avoidable nuisance that can be effectively controlled through preventive measures.

Since they are outdoors based, cricket control can be achieved by targeting the exterior areas of our homes before focusing on the interiors. Depending on the severity of infestation and its intensity you’ll have to explore chemical control options too. We are here to help you get rid of crickets in New York.

How to Get Rid of Crickets

The preventive measures for controlling crickets in the outdoors include removing weeds, firewood, tall grass, bricks and other debris lying in the premises. Similarly, make sure to repair cracks at the edges of ground-level windows and gaps under doors to prevent entry of crickets into the house.

about 20 dead crickets on a trap caught by rest easy pest control's cricket exterminator

We Remove Crickets in the Following Areas:

Since crickets are attracted to lights, it’s advisable to replace high-intensity lighting with low key lighting in the outdoor areas of your premises. Switch off lights when not required, and opt for yellow lights instead of neon or mercury vapor lights. Proper sanitation and modification of the habit can effectively control the cricket population around the house.

Luckily for us, crickets cannot survive for too long nor are they capable of laying eggs, outside their natural habitats. If crickets have infested the indoor areas of your home, you’ll have to start with drying out damp spots or moist areas with the help of a portable fan or dehumidifier.

Similarly, you’ll have to clear up clutter and empty the boxes, remove papers, and sundry other objects that could double up as refuges for crickets in your home.  You could also consider setting up sticky traps to catch crickets by effectively disposing of them.

Although there are insecticides for eliminating crickets in the indoors, it’s advisable to use them with caution, and sparingly. Available in ready to use aerosol or liquid forms, the insecticide must be sprayed or applied in places where crickets are located in sufficiently large numbers. But it’s best to use insecticides under expert supervision.

Different Types of Crickets in Homes

The strategy you employ for eliminating and control of cricket infestation depends to a large extent on the cricket types you have to deal with. While there are many cricket species, one of the most prevalent types is the cave cricket, also known as spider cricket, and camel cricket. This species is found in the outdoors – in dark, dank areas under rotten logs and stones etc.

Cave crickets are wingless and can grow up to 5 cm long. They have large hind legs to help jump and hop effortlessly, and a pair of antennae to guide them in low lit areas they normally inhabit.

Since they consume only plant matter and fungi, the only damage that these crickets can cause in your home are holes in clothing and furnishings. The field cricket and the house cricket are among the other most commonly found varieties of crickets found in our homes.

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Crickets can cause you sleepless nights with their all-night chirping. Contact us for safe, environment-friendly options to rid the cricket infestation from your home and get back the sound sleep and smiles in your lives!