Bird Control


Birds in the sky are a pleasant sight to behold. We even enjoy tossing leftover titbits to birds like pigeons and seagulls that keep flocking near public places like restaurants. However, most of us don’t realize that these birds can be a liability too – for individuals and society alike.

Birds cause damage to property; they also contribute to conditions that could lead to health hazards and even create situations that expose you to civil liabilities. This is why a bird control service like Rest Easy Pest Control is important to have when needed. 

The biggest threat we face from exposure to birds is that of disease. Birds are notorious as carriers of diseases and their droppings have been identified to carry more than sixty types of transmissible diseases. Bird droppings in residential areas are particularly problematic as they can be transmitted to humans and thus increase our exposure to the risk of disease. Also, as many as fifty varieties of ectoparasites are known to reside on birds. These parasites can latch on to us and manifest in symptoms of many kinds.

Why It’ss Necessary to Clean Up A Bird Messa bird on the brick road

Apart from the potential health hazards they pose to us, the sight of birds dropping can be a turn-down for customers, especially in the restaurant and food business. Bird droppings can be smelly and messy when fresh and wet. Due to their slimy composition, the build-up of bird droppings on surfaces can lead to slippery walking surfaces that are dangerous for pedestrians.

Similarly, when the droppings dry up, they can appear unseemly and convey a bad impression of your restaurant’s commitment to cleanliness and hygiene to customers. Since the dried up bird droppings are acidic in nature, they display corrosive properties that can disfigure and stain the surfaces of walls, rooftops, décor, awnings, and equipment.

The nests that birds build to live in are also problematic as they can end up clogging air vents, rainwater drains, and chimneys. All these situations can affect your business operations and create unnecessary impediments to your prosperity. 

If you don’t take appropriate measures to clean up the mess created by birds, you can face hefty fines or citations from authorities. In the long run, if you do not take the appropriate measures to eliminate and control the bird problem, the authorities may even force you to shut down the business. 

Controlling a Bird Invasion

Bird spikes are the most common device employed for controlling the bird menace in personal and commercial establishments alike. The bird spikes are easy to lay on areas like window ledges and rooftop edges that are commonly inhabited by birds.

Since they form a physical barrier that discourages the birds from settling down on the building, the bird spikes are considered a very effective and easy way of bird control. Moreover, there is hardly any maintenance involved after installation, making bird spikes an economical option.

Bird netting is yet another simple and cost-effective solution available for pest bird control. It is particularly effective in protecting areas used for the storage of crops, food products, and other valuable substances that are under threat from birds. By installing bird netting, you can easily discourage pesky birds like pigeons and barn swallows. Bird netting blends into the surroundings provide low-maintenance, and long-lasting protection against bird infestation.

You also have to option of deploying electronic bird control devices that use using ultrasonic waves to keep birds at bay. The ultrasonic waves create audio noises that are inaudible to us but trouble and disorient the birds, and compel them to leave the vicinity.

Contacting a Professional for Bird Control NYC

Since maintaining cleanliness and hygiene are in the best interests of your business and your customers it makes sense to invest in a comprehensive bird control solution. Consulting a professional pest control provider can help you set up an effective bird control mechanism that is user-friendly and makes economic sense as well. Call Rest Easy Pest Control today for any bird problems you’re having in Long Island and NYC.***