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Ant Control and Removal

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Ant Control

Are you under siege from an army of ants? It can certainly feel that way. Here at Rest Easy Pest Control, we know you simply cannot get that Rest Easy Feeling when you’re constantly battling ants, indoors or around your yard.

Call us now, and get rid of those ants.

We’ll respond quickly. Our expert professional staff has the experience to accurately evaluate your specific situation and deliver an effective ant pest control program so you can Rest Easy.

Expertise is essential. There are more than a dozen different species of ants here in Long Island, New York City and around metro New York, including:

We take ant pest control seriously, and you should, too.

We applaud ants for their industrious behavior. They can be fun to watch. But not when their prime target is your home or yard. They’re all looking for something to eat, which can be a severe problem because:

  • Ants can contaminate your living areas and spread disease.
  • Carpenter ants can destroy your home; they hollow out wood and use it for nesting to grow their colony.
  • Ants will use your wiring and plumbing to get around.
  • With our cold New York winters, carpenter ants can go dormant, but as the weather warms up they come marching back out.

Call us at Rest Easy Pest Control. We’ll eliminate ants and head off problems before they get out of control. And we’ll do the job right, right away. You’ll get renewed peace of mind so you can kick back and relax, knowing your home and family are fully protected.

You can Rest Easy.