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A bed bug infestation can happen to anyone, no matter all the precautions one may take. This is especially true in big cities like NYC. Bed bugs neither fly nor jump, they just crawl. The only way you’ll get bed bugs is from them transferring from one place to your place. This can be from getting into something like your backpack, grocery bags, or simply clinging on to your sweatshirt. Someone who has bed bugs themselves can also carry them into your home if invited over. When one gets inside, they’ll find your bed or couch where they can begin feeding and breeding.

Regardless of how they got there, know you’re not alone. Hundreds of people in New York and New Jersey experience a bed bug problem each month. That’s why companies like Rest Easy Pest Control are around. We know how to remove bed bugs completely from your property. You can attempt going after them yourself, but keep in mind that if just one bed bug gets left behind, you’re at risk for the infestation to redevelop.

Rest Easy has an outstanding success rate in removing bed bugs. Get in touch with us for and we’ll make sure you are bedbug-free in no time.

Guaranteed Removal Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are by far one of the most annoying pests. Not only are they disgusting but also multiply very quickly.

“A female bed bug can lay between 200 and 500 eggs during their lifetime.”

Our bed bug extermination process has four steps, inspection, treatment, education, and prevention. When we treat your home, we will ensure that all bed bugs are gone. We will also share our bed bug prevention tips to avoid a second infestation.

Bed Bug Identification

  • Are you sheets or furniture stained by blood or droppings?
  • Do you see droppings or shed skin in your home?
  • Have you seen bed bugs or bed bug eggs?
  • Have you been bitten by bed bugs?
  • Do you feel a musty smell?

If you answered yes to at least three of these questions then most likely your home is infested by bed bugs. But hey, no reason to panic we’re glad you found us, and you will be too.

Treatment In NYC And Surrounding Areas:

Professional Inspection Services

We have a team of qualified exterminators and dogs that are NESDCA (National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association) certified with the necessary training to effectively find every bed bug and bed bug eggs.

When there are bed bugs, every area of your home, such as corners and nooks, are evaluated to make sure that every minuscule bed bug egg is found. The bed bug inspection doesn’t stop in your bed or mattress, we will inspect armchairs, desk chairs, table legs, rugs, and sofas. A thorough inspection ensures that no bed bug is able to migrate elsewhere before or while they are being treated. You’re probably wondering what happens next? Our bed bug exterminator will assess how bad the bed bug infestation is.

bed bug fecal stains on a mattress during a bed bug inspection by rest easy pest control

Bed Bug Fecal Stains on Mattress
(Photo Credit: Rest Easy Pest Control)

Get Help From An Exterminator You Can Trust

You aren’t required to move out of your apartment while we are treating the bed bugs that you might have, as we working quickly to get rid of them.

Once our team has found out the extent of your bed bugs and how much activity there is, we are capable of selecting the right bed bug treatment for you. The treatment and our exterminators will effectively handle the problem for you.

Our exterminators inspect and quickly treat your bed bugs. The second round of treatment is usually a week after the initial treatment and the third treatment includes treating the entire property.

Our bed bug process involves making sure that no bed bug eggs get away and spread while sterilizing their hiding spaces.

After thirty days after the initial treatment, we follow-up to make sure you have a bed bug free home. Rest Easy Pest Control will work hard to ensure your problem goes away and we stand by our work.

Control and Prevention

We always provide customers with the needed instructions to ensure that the bed bug infestation doesn’t return. These usually include:

  • How to wash your laundry
  • Sealing your items
  • Decluttering – This is especially important because there are areas full of loose items that often are ignored. Also, certain areas like under the bed and on the floor of closets.
  • Washing clothes
  • When to throw away things that can’t be salvaged
  • Ensuring no re-contamination occurs
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