Are you worried about the threat of Mosquitoes on Long Island? Mosquitoes were once an issue reserved for the hottest and most tropical climates. You probably used to only worry about mosquitoes when you went on vacation. Today, however, things are different and due to rising temperatures mosquito populations are spreading to areas outside of the tropics.

They are thriving in Northern territories and remaining longer through the year as well. This has lead to the spread of a variety of dangerous diseases including yellow fever, the Zika virus and Dengue. As such, it is important to protect your family from the danger of Mosquitoes. Luckily, the In2Care Mosquito Trap is the ultimate solution for Long Island mosquitoes.

Why You Need Mosquito Protection In Long Island

Mosquitoes might not be one of your biggest concerns, but they sure can be annoying when they fly in your face, or worse when you get a bite. They become itchy, and some people are even allergic to the bite, making it swell up and become sore to touch. For this reason, you need to consider getting some mosquito protection to avoid this happening to you. The In2Care mosquito trap can give you the right level of protection from these irritating pests, making sure that you can go about your day with one less annoyance in your life.

As well as this, some types of mosquito can even carry diseases which is why you need to make sure that you have got yourself protected against this. So, other than having your swatter out and ready to go, you need to ensure that you have gone one step further and purchased all the necessary equipment to keep yourself safe.

How The In2Care Mosquito Trap Operates

The In2Care mosquito trap works by attracting gravid females to the device and then contaminating it with the larvicide powder. Once this has been done, the mosquito can fly out carrying the bio-actives which stops any kind of replication happening. While it is flying around, the mosquito will be unknowingly spreading the larvicide to the surrounding areas, meaning that other gravid females will be attracted to it. The larvae will then die, and after a few days, the female will die before it has the chance to spread any kind of diseases such as the Zika virus or Yellow Fever.

steps in in2care mosquito trap

This trap targets both the larvae and the adults, meaning that you are going to experience fewer issues with mosquitos once you purchase one. This means that the trap ensures that there is no chance for replication.

The trap works because it provides an attractive breeding site for the female mosquitoes. The mosquito lands near the water on the floater gauze which then binds two actives. Tackling both issues at once with both the larvae and the mosquito itself taken care of ensures that this is an efficient solution. It provides fast results and can be used by anyone anywhere. You can set this up in your garden, sun lounge or anywhere you are having issues.

Advantages And Benefits

When you are fighting back against mosquitoes it is important that you are thinking outside the box. You need to look into innovative ideas and options for handling this scourge. This trap is the ultimate answer because rather than waiting for a mosquito to fly into the trap it uses one to take out the others. Ultimately, this means that in no time at all, you’ll find that all the mosquitoes in the area have been dealt with. It’s a fast working solution that won’t leave you suffering for long.

Another big benefit is that it is proven to work. Both lab and field data provide evidence to show that these traps can be used to control dengue mosquitoes. The success has been scientifically validated and appeared in peer-reviewed academic journals as well.

Furthermore, the trap is so simple and easy to use that anyone can operate. It. You’ll find that there’s very little setup required and in no time at all, you will benefit from this device. That’s true whether you’re using it as a pest control professional, a homeowner or a business owner. This trap will keep your family safe on Long Island.