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Rest Easy Pest Control has been in pest control Baxter Estates for over a decade now. Our head offices are in NYC, and we have an additional branch in Long Island. Our spread out offices means that we are able to cater to not only the bigger cities like LI and New York but also smaller towns and villages throughout the state, like Baxter Estates.

After all, it’s not like less populated areas aren’t in need of pest control Nassau, in fact, we’ve seen over the years that these smaller towns’ homeowners actually tend to be in even more dire need than people in apartment complexes in the big cities.

Rest Easy Pest Control has been dealing with bugs common in the region for years. Everything from spiders, moths, and mosquitoes to bees and ants fall under our purview. There is no better exterminator Nassau. We deal with issues big and small, from the singular willful rodent in the home to massive infestations of cockroaches in the foundation. Rest Easy Pest Control has your back.

termites damage on the wall

Termites Infestation on the wall

Termites and Other Pests

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Have you spotted the dreaded termites in your basement? We can deal with that. These critters are known for the huge amounts of structural damage they can cause in a home, and this is especially troubling for homeowners who plan to sell sometime in the future because of the thousands of dollars the house loses in resale value.

Termites are also quite costly to wipe out. And of course, if even a single one is left behind on the premises, it can cause a repeat invasion.

This is why you should only trust the best when it comes to your pest control needs. Only the most experienced and well-trained individuals can both remove all signs of an infestation from your property, and also ensure there will be no more uninvited guests in your home for a good while. At least not unwanted pests.

How about some good old vanilla cockroaches making themselves at home in your yard? Although less cause for stress because of them being outside the home, they can still put your family and even your beloved pets in significant danger health-wise.

Children are especially prone to catch an infectious disease from cockroaches because of their inherent curiosity and pets are likely to ingest an insect or its droppings, thereby getting very ill. Both also mean an added hospital bill on top of the extermination fees.

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Cockroaches are also notorious for being able to dart out of sight when spotted or to never be noticed in the first place. Some species common to the state are actually some of the fastest insects in the world. This alarming fact is why it’s almost impossible to deal with these critters by trying to DIY a solution. The need for a professional to step in cannot be stressed enough, especially if there is a child in the vicinity.

You’ll be surprised to know that even a couple dead cockroaches in one part of your home can mean that there is already an infestation in full swing elsewhere on the property. The live ones aren’t dumb enough to get caught, so you shouldn’t dismiss these. In fact, it actually means they have been in your home long enough for some of them to live out their lifespan of a year or so.

What about rats or mice at your place of business? We know how this can be a sensitive issue for you. The worst thing to happen here would be a customer noticing them. We are willing to work out a schedule that’s the best for you and also your bottom line, whether this be working weekends or late into the night. We can get rid of your pests discretely and effectively.***