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When you’re looking for pest control in Bellerose Village there’s no better choice than Rest Easy Pest Control. We have been a Nassau County exterminator for years and we’re able to cater to the all the towns and villages around. No job is too big or small for our expertise.

It’s difficult to not lose your mind when you’ve realized there are rodents or bed bugs making themselves at home near you. We have been with families at some of the worst moments of their lives, and if you think we’re exaggerating, you haven’t seen what hundreds of American cockroaches spilling out of your basement look like.

Pest Infestations

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When it comes to these kinds of pests, it’s very easy to underestimate and dismiss them. The supposedly innocuous little things are actually very much the opposite. Everyone has heard horror stories from people who’ve had termite infestations – and the thousands of dollars in repair costs that came with it.

What about rats and mice? They can chew through a lot of expensive wiring and create holes in your home’s walls. Spiders, bees, ants, moths, and mosquitoes can all land you in a hospital ER, and sometimes lead to costly medical bills.

Our employees are cherry-picked to provide you with the best possible experience. Well, as great as a visit from the exterminator can be. We have people with years of experience in pest control and with we’ve also had many calls from Bellerose Village over the years.

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What we’ve seen very often is that people tend to procrastinate on calling an exterminator in, whether it be because they think the situation isn’t serious enough to warrant a call or to avoid paying for something that might sort itself out on its own.

Both those assumptions are pure myth. Let us explain why. You might have realized there is a rodent in the home, for example, and thought this was something you could deal with on your own.

So you go out and get yourself a trap to catch it. These traps are actually completely ripping you off, and almost never guaranteed to work, whether it’s because you don’t have the right size for your rodent, or because you haven’t set up enough of them. If you do end up catching the thing, it’s through sheer dumb luck and is frankly a miracle.

Choose a trusted exterminator

You might be thinking exterminators aren’t needed for just the one rat, but actually, the time and money you spend trying to catch it yourself will go down the drain. It also gives others of the same kind of pest to invade through the same crack the first one has come in through.

Or, it might lead to an infestation occurring out of sight somewhere on the property. Calling in a pest control professional is always the most advisable course of action because it could mean catching an infestation in its early stages and not letting it progress any further. This is a difference in the thousands of dollars for you to pay.

And even if there doesn’t turn out to be a problem, we always make sure to inform every customer of proper pest control practices that they should implement in their daily lives. We also provide bug proofing services after every visit we make. This could save you five-digit sums down the line, and we often get calls even when there isn’t a problem just for our bug proofing services.

The best way to deal with an infestation is to not let one occur in the first place. If you are searching for a pest control organization in Bellrose, NY or any of the encompassing areas, Rest Easy Pest Control is the best there is to offer.***


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