Pest Control Bethpage NY

For over a decade now, Rest Easy Pest Control has been considered the best in pest control in Bethpage, NY. We are a Nassau County pest control company that provides the fastest service we can to our customers.

When we are contacted about a potential infestation or the like, our employees first determine the right people for the job. If you are in the market for an exterminator, there is no better than Rest Easy Pest Control.

We specialize in all the most common pests to Bethpage, amongst others. These pests include the likes of bed bugs, rodents, spiders, bees, ants, moths and also mosquitoes. Insects and creatures like these have the potential to cause thousands of dollars in property damage and similar amounts in medical bills, depending on your health insurance.

Common Household Bugs

an exterminator is spraying insecticide around a house

Take rats and mice, for example, they have front teeth that are constantly growing, and to keep them in check they have to always be gnawing at something or the other.

It’s sympathetic until they do it to your electrical wiring, or make holes in your walls. Then it could mean costly repairs to return them to their original glory or even an electrical fire because of the exposed wires short-circuiting.

Termites don’t need an introduction, every homeowner has witnessed or heard of a horror story involving them at some point in their lives. For smaller infestations, termite-sniffing dogs are excellent at finding every last one of the nuisances so the exterminator can deal with them.

Cockroaches and other small insects are likely to infect all your countertops and tables with the bacteria that they carry around after having crawled through less than sanitary places earlier. These critters are really good at spreading infectious diseases to all the other species around them.

Pets are also known to eat them and then get very ill. There are also people who suddenly develop asthma-like breathing troubles in the presence of infestations of these bugs, despite never having had any issues with the like before.

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If there’s only one thing you take away from this, it should be this: if there are any kids with proximity to an infestation of pests, it is very important that you seek help from a professional immediately, and also remove the child from the vicinity temporarily while the exterminator deals with the situation. Kids are the much more likely to end up catching one of the many diseases these pests spread, and they are also more likely to eat something that was contaminated.

Likewise, but on a lesser scale, pets are likely to ingest pests or something else that was contaminated. It is advisable to have the pet removed from the premises for the duration of the exterminator’s visit.

Even if there is no infestation, it’s normal for households to have a cockroach or two lurking under furniture, this makes it a bad idea to leave out pet food on the floor for extended periods of time, and especially not overnight. It can easily get contaminated, and also makes for a food source for these pests, which encourage reproduction and invite more to home.***