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Throughout New York and Long Island, the best pest control Freeport is Rest Easy Pest Control. We have strong teams who have had years of experience, therefore are able to tackle all sorts of situations.

Our newer exterminators also have to spend enough time watching the more experienced experts before they themselves start taking up tasks. We ensure a service that no customer forgets. We have been exterminating pests such as cockroaches, spiders, rodents, bed bugs and termites all over Long Island.

If you ever find signs of infestation, then do not hesitate to call Rest Easy Pest Control. People usually try to use home remedies to get rid of the pests, but they do not always work. Since we care about your health over things, we make sure to use family safe products and cleaning agents so that we do not disrupt anyone’s well-being.

With our dedicated team, we thoroughly examine homes to make sure no pests are left standing. We have come across every scenario possible regarding pest control. If there is an infestation then make sure to call Rest Easy Pest Control.

We Treat All Household Pests

an exterminator is spraying insecticides around a house

We know how valuable a workplace really is. Our teams are trained to effectively weed out the pests while maintaining discretion in commercial buildings. If there are inconveniences during work hours, then we can assure you that our services extend to weekends and as well as night shifts.

In our book, customers are always right, and if there is a way they would like things to get done differently, then we will comply without hesitation.  After the extermination process, we like to teach the customers or staff members on how to prevent any further infestations from happening in the future.

Common pests such as cockroaches, spiders, and termites are incredibly annoying to deal with. Roaches always operate in the dark. They carry harmful bacteria and their common activities are usually spoiling food items and ruining books. Spiders are scary insects because of their creepy bodies. Though they are usually not aggressive towards humans, these bugs have tendencies of a predator.

They usually set up camp near light sources as a lot of their prey are attracted to light. They make a huge mess by contrasting webs and leave behind the carcasses of their dinner. Termites have a duty to form a colony and start eating away the wood it sees. They are drawn to dry and damp wood.

They can reduce property value significantly as they eat away wooden furniture and property. These bugs are fairly difficult to treat if they grow in size. Unfortunately, these pests do not require much time to multiply therefore they quickly turn into a burden if they build nests in households. We make sure to effectively exterminate these pests with our extensive termination techniques so that you never have to face them again.

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Birds and raccoons are also carriers of diseases. Their bodies are homes to many contagious bacteria and infectious parasites. There have been cases in residential areas where birds get trapped inside households and raccoons vandalize the outside part of their homes. We can treat common pests as well as special cases like these. We are able to treat pests from different areas of Nassau County.

Our professionals have the regional knowledge and from our decade of experience, we have found numerous cases where birds have gotten stuck in attics and some also set up nests on treehouses. These feathered creatures are also known to carry infectious diseases which may make children with weak immune systems ill. Rest Easy Pest Control prides itself on its humane removal methods. We avoid traps whenever possible.***