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Finding the best and most reliable pest control in Garden City can be quite a challenge, considering numerous options. You have every right to choose to work with someone else, but you should know that Rest Easy is a premier option. Just check our reviews. We assure that the problem is addressed and eliminated for good.

Sometimes, there’s just no escaping the presence of pests without professional help. That’s why companies like ours exist. Our exterminators understand the science and habits of these invaders and know how to handle them. You don’t want pests in your home, and we want to get them out. If you ask us, we’re a perfect match!

We Treat All Pests

Rest Easy Pest Control can help in numerous ways here. Our exterminator in Nassau County will do a thorough check-up of the home to identify the places where there are infestations.  Once they have identified the places, they will get to cleaning.

The places spiders and cockroaches usually come in through can be through old furniture that was moved in, or through air vents, so those will be cleaned out. Next, gutters are a big reason where rats, mice, and most rodents crawl in from, so those will also be fixed to have a proper drainage system.

We approach pest control in a methodical way. To begin with, we assess your home and property, leading an exhaustive scan for high-chance territories. Second, we actualize a particular treatment strategy for your particular irritation issue. At last, we oversee safeguard upkeep to guarantee an irritation-free home long after we’ve cleared out.

different type of pests: ants, mouse, wasp, cockroaches

Ant Removal

Ants are one of those pests that get inside and bring all their friends along. Maybe you left out an open bag of chips or forgot to wipe down the kitchen counter. Regardless, they found a way in and that entryway needs to be blocked off.

With Rest Easy’s professional exterminators, you can rest assured that all ants are removed and prevented from your home. We take pride in our ant extermination services and remain consistent in their removal.

Bed Bug Removal

Bed bugs are terrifying creatures, and the worst part is you will not even know you are infected by them until much later when they have multiplied by the hundreds. These bed bugs can cause rashes on the skin, but they are often mistaken for other skin diseases. So the mattresses and beds will also be checked thoroughly.

Our bed bug exterminators in Garden City have eliminated bed bugs successfully many times. You can be assured that all bed bugs are removed and your problem is gone for good.

a mosquito is biting someone's body

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes usually grow where there is stored water, and the larvae can grow by the hundreds. We have a process for both killing mosquitoes and controlling their population by targeting their reproductive cycle.

For more info, call us for the complete process on how both the processes work together.

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Almost all pests are attracted towards warmth and are the main reason they come into the house, which is shelter from the cold outside. Other than that they hideout in dark and damp places. The atmosphere lets them reproduce really fast. They are also most likely to be in places where people do not usually go much, such as the basement, attic or garages.

Rest Easy Pest Control has been providing some of the best pest control Garden City in New York City and Long Island for a really long time, and have been the number one choice for the people here for pest infestations.

If you come across any of these signs of infestation of rodents, cockroaches, bees, moths, or maybe the worst of them all, bed bugs, along with many other pests, call up Rest Easy Pest Control to eliminate this pesky menaces once and for all.

Rest Easy Pest Control is an expert in the field can provide advice and techniques on how to keep your home safe in the future, and how to pick up the signs of infestation as well. When needed they can perform routine check-ups, so that if any cockroach egg or some bed bugs are left behind, they can properly eliminate them as well.***