Pest Control Garden City South NY

Pest Control Garden City South is very important to the community in Long Island, NY. Most infestations occur before the residents even move in. When the house or office is already infested it will only be harder to eliminate the problem.

The best thing to do here is to call a Nassau County Pest Control company and have us go through the entire framework of your home before you move in. If you have already moved in and found an infestation, call immediately! The sooner you exterminate these bugs the exterminator is spraying insecticide around a house

Garden City South is home to many residents. Unfortunately, that also includes numerous pests. These include bed bugs, rodents, spiders, cockroaches, bees, rats, mice, ants, moths, and mosquitoes. Once inside then reproduce heavily inside your homes, contaminating and infecting everything in their paths.

Pest Control Garden City South is extremely important to have around.

Common Pests in Garden City South

Rest Easy Pest Control will start off eliminating these bugs by closing down all entrances for them, thus taking away their food supply. These pests mostly come into our homes to seek warmth and food. So, if these conditions are taken away from them they are most likely to leave on their own.

There is a huge chance that many pests you see actually came in with your old boxes and furniture when you moved in. From there they slowly infested your whole home. So these definitely need to be checked as well.

The kitchen is another hotbed for pests. Obviously, for the vast amount of food available to them. Roaches, ants, and rats are the most likely pests you’ll find lurking here. Mosquitoes are common if your home has a lot of sitting water.

So, Rest Easy Pest Control will also go through your drainage system to make sure your place is dry. The beds and mattresses are also checked to ensure there are no bed bugs, which are some of the worst pests out there. They are especially hard to detect.

a rat on the soil


The basement, attic, and garages are some more common places that pests usually live and hideout in. These places are dark and damp, which is what most pests require to survive. Rest Easy Pest Control uses safe methods to kill off these pesky pests which will not harm any other living thing in the house.

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A thorough check-up will also follow the extermination. They will help provide guidelines on how to keep the house and workplaces pest-free from future infestations. Be it your home, office, workplace or school, Rest Easy Pest Control will be able to take care of it for you regardless of the place, leaving you with a clean and pest free home.***