Pest Control Glen Cove NY

Rest Easy Pest Control Glen Cove is located in the heart of Long Island, NY. We’re only a quick phone call and drive away. If you’re having a pest problem in Glen Cove, Rest Easy is one of the most suitable options.

Pests not only harm the homes of the people in Glen Cove but also attack businesses and workplaces. Luckily, Rest Easy Pest Control operates in this area of Long Island and has been helping the people here live a calm life amongst all these pests by exterminating them in their tracks.

a black ant on the stony ground

What Rest Easy Pest Control Glen Cove will do is: first we will go through your entire home to see where these pests are hiding out, and more importantly what are they feeding on. Most of these pests come into our homes and workplaces to seek shelter and food. If these two factors are removed they will most likely leave themselves or die out.

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Common Pests in Glen Cove

We will start one place at a time, and cut off all entrances to the home or workplace. That includes more than just doors and windows. The gutters and drainage play a big part in bringing in rodents like rats and mice. Cockroaches are another major pest capable of getting in.

A proper drainage system also means that there will be no sitting water or any leaks. This what causes mosquitos to grow rapidly in the home, and in turn spread diseases. Also, beds and mattresses will be thoroughly checked for bed bugs since they are very hard to detect.

We are often infested by bed bugs because of an old damp mattress that draws moisture and warmth, hence giving them a lot of space to reproduce. Their bites can cause rashes on the skin but are often mistaken for allergies or otherwise. Pests like moths and ants are more likely to stay in the kitchen where they will get ample supplies of food and water. The kitchen also provides ample warmth for pests seeking shelter from the cold outside.

Contact Rest Easy Pest Control Glen Cove

We always recommend you call a professional like Rest Easy Pest Control to go through your entire home before you board it. That way the whole pest problem can be avoided altogether. Even if you do not have pests right now, we still suggest you call for a check-up. You never know what hidden corner of the house may have eggs, which can quickly lead to a full-on infestation. A check-up before can prevent the entire scenario.

Even after the job is done, if there are any traces or eggs of the bugs or pests left in your home or workplace, we will get rid of them. This ensures that your place will be pest free for a long time to come. Not only that we will also provide you with the right directions and tips to help you reduce your chances of a possible future infestation..***