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For over a decade Rest Easy Pest Control has been the best pest control Hewlett Harbor in Long Island, NY. Rodents, cockroaches, spiders, bed bugs, mosquitoes, bees, and ants are just some of the pests residents of Hewlett Harbor have to contend with.

But residents have nothing to worry about! In case of an infestation of any kind, Rest Easy Pest Control has got your back. If signs of an infestation are beginning then do not hesitate to contact our services. We will help you eradicate them, and prevent further ones from happening.

termites swarming on a tree

Pests such as rodents and cockroaches are usually dwelling in the dark. These disease-carrying pests invade households and contaminate food and destroy property while being an utter nuisance.

People living in residential areas have an idea what it is like to have cockroach or rodent infestations. These pests are constantly in search of food and shelter, therefore they invade homes.

We advise everyone to practice sanitation. Use sealed food containers, and remove any sources of food laying out in the open. It is better not to attract these pests in the first place.

Children in families may get sick if they eat or touch anything contaminated by rats or roaches as children do not have developed immune systems yet.

Common Household Pests

a black widow spider on her web

Spiders are particularly scary looking pests. They are generally not aggressive towards humans, but they do behave like a predator in their food chain.

Spiders usually set up camp near light sources and construct many webs so that their prey gets trapped. They make a huge mess with their cobwebs and leftovers if not treated properly.

Folks in residential areas try to use home remedies to get rid of most pest infestations, but they almost always prove to be unsuccessful.

We understand the concerns of these people. They do not want any toxic materials to be used which may harm them and their children.

Our teams at Rest Easy Pest Control are dedicated and use family safe solutions so that we do not disrupt the well-being of families. We prioritize health over all other things. If there are ever any signs of an infestation, then do not hesitate to contact our services.

In commercial areas, rodents have a tendency to destroy electrical systems. They love to bite wires with their super sharp teeth. Because of their constant gnawing, electrical systems fail.  We know that these disturbances can disrupt the workflow of staff in these areas.

Our services are ideal for extermination because not only do we provide service during the weekdays, we also operate on weekends and have night shifts. We do not want to contribute to any sort of disturbances.

If clients want us to do things differently then we immediately adapt our plan to their needs and act accordingly.

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Our trained experts are friendly towards customers and are very knowledgeable and efficient when it comes to eradicating pests.

Rest Easy Pest Control offers the best extermination services and helps you take preventive measures against these insects along with other pests such as rodents, cockroaches, termites, and spiders. We exterminate pests quickly from your home.***