Pest Control Island Park NY

Island Park is a beautiful place to live on Long Island. However, being near the water makes it easy for your home to attract pests inside. When you run into a pest infestation, Rest Easy Pest Control has your back. We have exterminators in the Island Park area who are more than qualified to treat your problem. Give us a call to make your Island Park home pest-free again.

Rest Easy Pest Control has been the primary choice of all the people here in NY, LI, and of course, Island Park too. That is mainly because Rest Easy Pest Control has some of the best exterminators, who are highly trained specialists in the field of pest control. They use the best and latest technology to achieve ultimate efficiency in exterminating pests.


“We have the best exterminators in town who are highly trained. They know how to deal with pests, what products to use, and which instruments are the best at the job.”


The Primary Choice to Eliminate Pest Infestation

The exterminators at Rest Easy Pest Control will start off by taking a look at your entire space. Be it the home, apartment, office or warehouse; they will go through the entire framework of the place. Once they identify the pests that are infesting your place, and where they are living, we will start cutting off their living conditions to let them die out.

These pests and small bugs mostly come inside to seek shelter from the cold at night, and in search of food and water. Once they get all these conditions inside our homes, they never leave. Hence, the infestations will start to emerge.

How these pests enter is through the pipes. Lousy guttering and poor drainage systems can cause a lot more harm than simply water leaks. These bring in rodents like rats and mice, not to mention a ton of cockroaches too. These come in and walk all over our homes with all the germs and bacteria from the sewers, spreading diseases like no other.

A Thorough Inspection

We will make sure all your getters are working fine, so you do not have to deal with the infestation anymore. Another place that we will check is the bedroom and the bed itself. Did you know old mattress help the growth of bed bugs? The older and dirtier that mattress, the more the chance that the allergies you have, are not allergies at all, but are actually caused by bed bugs.

Moths, bees, ants, and spiders can be all found in the kitchen mostly because they are always in search of food. Having your food stored away in proper containers is very important for this reason.

Other than these common spaces, bugs and pests can hide almost anywhere in the home or apartment, but places like the basement, the attic, the laundry room, and all other places that you do not often visit and have a dark and damp atmosphere.

Call Us Immediately When You Spot an Infestation

If you are residing in Island Park, call up your Nassau County exterminator and get your place checked right away. Sometimes the infestations have already occurred, but you simply do not know it yet.

Have professionals like us to go through your place, and be assured that your home or workplace will be pest free for long times to come.***