Pest Control Lawrence NY

The one and only Rest Easy Pest Control have been dominating the exterminating business in Lawrence, NY. What is behind the secret of this immense success? Is it the company’s team of highly skilled technicians or is it their willingness to go the extra mile? Regardless, when you need pest control in Nassau County, Rest Easy is always good for the job.

Perhaps, it is the fact that Rest Easy has a hotline call service that ensures that every homeowner in Lawrence, NY, has the privilege of calling up at any time of the day and night for any queries regarding pest issues of any sort. In any case, Rest Easy Pest Control has repeatedly proved itself to be the absolute best in its field, hands down!

From rats, mice, bed bugs, cockroaches, spiders, to ants, termites, and stinging insects, there may be only a few possible pests with which our exterminators have not yet had the experience of engaging with.

Nonetheless, we believe in keeping our clients updated about the types of pests that may be lurking around the corners of their houses. The more aware a homeowner is of the type of infestation he or she is facing, the easier it is for our technicians to do their job.

“We have the best exterminators in town who are highly trained. They know how to deal with pests, what products to use, and which instruments are the best at the job.”


The Unwanted Pests and How to Control Them

The most important fact to be noted about these pests is that no pest is the same. Different pests have different attributes and therefore have different ways of getting inside the house.

Mice are fast and agile creatures that can fit through any crack or opening much smaller than their bodies. These rodents usually operate at night so if you are hearing noises coming from inside the walls, ceiling or the attic, you are most probably dealing with a mice infestation. Mice are also fast breeders.

A single female mouse getting through the tiniest crack can give birth to as many as ten litters in one whole year. Therefore, any homeowner suspecting mice movement in the house should call for an efficient exterminating service at the soonest, while the colony is still small and hand able.

Often, a homeowner may mistake a mouse with a raccoon due to their similar characteristics. After all, both are nocturnal creatures and generally build their nesting areas in attics.

However, raccoons are much more ferocious in nature and are known to cause far more substantial damage to properties. Other examples of havoc include knocking over trash cans, excreting on rooftops, tearing off the shingles of the same rooftop and making holes and many more.

They also bring in other types of pest with them such as fleas and raccoon roundworms, in the form of their feces. In addition to infesting attics, raccoons also tend to inhabit garages, sheds and under porches and decks.

While even mice activity may be somewhat mitigated by the use of pesticides and mouse traps, individual handling of wildlife control is always strongly advised against. When cornered, raccoons tend to bite, and their saliva is the number one reason of rabies in all of Long Island.

Call Us When You Spot an Infestation

The safety of your family and home is the number one priority of Rest Easy Pest Control. While other pest control companies may perhaps guarantee the same quality of services, there is the only company in all of Lawrence, NY, which ensures the safety and health of their clients as well.

Certified, insured and confident, we are fully prepped to set off to war with any pest which has dared to disturb the sanctity of your house! Call us!***