Pest Control Russell Gardens NY

At Rest Easy Pest Control we help residents of Russell Gardens with their pest problems. Our technicians will lead an initial examination of your property, to figure out what sort of pest is occupying or harming your premises.

How to Identify Pest Infestation

Are you hearing scratching commotions amid the day or around evening time? If scratching commotions are heard during the evening, and you hear pounding or strolling in the storage room, this is most likely birds like pigeons in the loft.

Different critters that make noise around evening time would incorporate mice and rats. On the off chance that you are hearing scratching commotions amid the day, this could originate from feathered creatures, or it might be dark squirrels in the loft.

Rest Easy Pest Control will trap the pests that are living in your upper room, and furthermore offer repair, cleanup, and disinfecting by an authorized and safeguarded Nassau County pest control service.

a mouse on the ground


Integrated Pest Management

As a major aspect of the Integrated Pest Management Program, we will make recommendations to avoid future infestations. Here, our pest control specialists will be searching for what changes can be made to anticipate future experiences with undesirable annoyance untamed life, for example, rats, mice, winged creatures.

Threats Posed by Pests

These bugs and creatures can cause significant damage to your property and also put forward serious health risks. The word ‘rodent’ means to gnaw, and they do live up to the name. To keep their ever-growing front teeth in check, rats and mice have to gnaw through things constantly.

This could mean holes in your wall and exposed wiring on your property, the latter of which has the even more terrifying risk of short-circuiting and starting a fire. Raccoons will create holes in your roof and defecate in your attic, which constitutes its own set of health risks.

Cockroaches and the like will crawl over every surface in your home and contaminate almost everything with the bacteria clinging to their bodies. This could lead to a variety of infectious diseases. Some people also become prone to asthma and breathing issues when they’ve never had them before.

Call Us Before It’s Too Late

The greatest health risks are posed to children in the vicinity, and it is strongly recommended that you acquire professional help when this is the case. Children are more susceptible to the diseases these pests spread and are also more likely to ingest something contaminated by them. Pets are also known to eat and get sick from cockroaches and other insects.

Our team at Rest Easy Pest Control Russell Gardens has dealt with everything you can think of and more. Our termite and bed bug dogs will sniff out the critters in no time, and before you know it, we’ll get rid of them!

“Rest Easy Pest Control’s primary concern is regarding the health of the members of the household. Therefore we use safe and clean treatment methods.”