Different times of year call for different property maintenance, but year-round, you need pest control. Whether you’re maintaining a business or a home in River Edge, NJ, and need treatment for roaches, bed bugs, termites, ants, bees, or rodents, call Rest Easy Pest Control. We are your answer to certified and affordable pest control in Bergen County, NJ.

At Rest Easy Pest Control, we use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach that is tailored to your property. No harmful chemicals, no insecticides, and no poisons. No matter what you need, rest easy with our service.

Rest Easy Pest Control Service Team

Cockroach removal

When you see a cockroach, call for inspection immediately. Don’t let it become an infestation. Roaches spread disease and cause unsanitary living conditions, and they can infest inside or outside your building, living under flooring, in walls, and in extreme temperatures.

At Rest Easy Pest Control, our IPM system not only eliminates the roaches you see, but the ones you don’t, and protects your property against future infestations. Call today for a roach exterminator in River Edge, NJ.

Bed bug removal

Bed bugs are parasites that bite people and animals, spreading disease and causing medical reactions and illnesses. They live in mattresses, bedding, sofas, and other fabrics, and spread quickly from one room to another. While most commonly associated with beds, these insects can infect offices and other places with soft furniture, too.

Bed bug treatments can be notoriously difficult. Our professionals are certified to remove bed bugs, effectively, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Termite removal

Termites are flying insects that look like ants, but they live in wood and paper building materials, like drywall. A termite infestation can seriously damage property, and if you see small clusters of holes in the wood of your buildings, call for a termite inspection immediately.

Certified termite control from Rest Easy Pest Control removes and eliminates termites from your property. Protect your wood and protect your building’s integrity.

Ants, Rats, Bees, Cockroaches

Ant removal

On a search for water and food, ants often make their way into entryways, kitchens, and bathrooms of homes and businesses. No matter where they intrude, they are unwelcome. Ant infestations cause harm to people and animals and damage to property, and they can be tricky to get rid of.

For an integrated approach to ant removal, call us today. We find the source of your problem, removing the ants in your home and blocking more from entering.

Bee removal

Bees and other stinging insects like wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets can sting people or animals and cause injury. They damage buildings with their hives and nests, and they are territorial and aggressive when someone approaches. But, they’re a part of the ecosystem and need to be carefully removed.

Call the certified bee removal team at Rest Easy Pest Control. Depending on your infestation, extermination may be an option, but we offer treatments to safely and effectively remove bees and other stinging insects from your property.

Rodent removal

Whether you live in the city or country, rodents are a problem. They infest attics, basements, and garages, or they appear outdoors, especially near trash or water. No matter where you see a rat or mouse, call for rodent removal quickly – before a single rat turns into an entire colony.

Rest Easy Pest Control removes rats and mice from residential and commercial properties. For safe, effective rodent control that doesn’t involve dangerous poisons that put your property at risk, call us.

It’s a fact: homeowners and business owners in Rivers Edge, NJ, want to rest easy knowing their pest control needs are met. One call to Rest Easy Pest Control is all it takes.