Life in the City is fast. When you have a problem, you need a fast solution. Rest Easy Pest Control is the one call residents and business owners call for pest control in Brownsville, NY. We provide pest control solutions to the entirety of Brooklyn, and we are proud of our work. Whether the problem is bed bugs, roaches, bees, ants, rodents, or termites, one call to Rest Easy Pest Control is all it takes to solve it.

Rest Easy Pest Control Service Team

Bed bug removal

Many people think that since they’re called “bed bugs”, they can’t be a problem for businesses, right? Wrong! Bed bugs nest in fabrics – like on sofas and cushions – so they can be found in homes and businesses. Bed bugs bite, and they can cause infection and illness.

Rest Easy Pest Control uses an Integrated Pest Management approach to exterminate the adult and growing bed bugs. This approach also eliminates the eggs and prevents future bed bug infestations. If you need bed bug removal in Brownsville, give us a call before the problem grows. 

Cockroach removal

Cockroaches are always bad news. You can see these pests at any time of year. When you do, call a roach exterminator immediately. Roaches contribute to unsanitary living and working conditions, and they spread quickly, destroying property and spreading illness.

Whether you need commercial or residential cockroach management in Brownsville, call Rest Easy Pest Control. Our integrated approach makes sure to eliminate the source of the problem, using techniques that won’t harm people or your property.

Bee removal

Bees, wasps, hornets, and other stinging insects can invade the outdoors of your property, sometimes creating a bit of a panic. They nest in doorways, stairwells, walls, eaves, and other nooks and crannies around your home or business. These pests can become territorial and aggressive if someone approaches.

Bee removal should always be handled by certified professionals, using the safest methods possible. For commercial and residential bee and wasp removal in Brownsville, Rest Easy Pest Control has the solution.

Ants, Rats, Bees, Cockroaches

Ant removal

Ants invade property, then return to their nest, leaving themselves a trail to follow when they return with more ants. Unless interrupted, they will continue to return for water or food, claiming everything in their path, and often causing damage to property or even harm to people in their invasion.

Ant removal can be difficult, and it won’t have lasting results unless you identify the source of the problem – where the ants are entering – and put up barriers to prevent future infestations. Let the professionals at Rest Easy Pest Control do the work of ant removal for you.

Rodent removal

Mice and rats can be cute and cuddly pets, but when feral, they are dangerous. Drawn to homes and businesses, looking for water and food, they can become territorial and aggressive if approached by someone. In addition to causing damage to your property, they can cause harm to your loved ones.

The trained rodent control technicians at Rest Easy Pest Control remove rats and mice safely and humanely, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Termite removal

Termites eat wood and paper building materials, making an infestation extremely dangerous to homes and businesses. Unless treated quickly, termite infestations can spread quickly, as the flying insects devour the beams and drywall of your buildings.

Termite control should always be handled by trained professionals, who have the best options and techniques available to them. Because termites can cause long-term damage, trust the technicians at Rest Easy Pest Control to get your property termite-free once and for all, so you can restore it to its best.

Bed bug, roach, bee, ant, rodent, termite treatment – and more – at Rest Easy Pest Control in Brooksville, NY. We work hard to keep your busy life running.