As a homeowner or business owner in Mill Basin, NY, you want the best. And the best pest management services in Mill Basin are from Rest Easy Pest Control. Be it rodents, ants, termites, bed bugs, roaches, bees, or something else, you can rest easy calling 1-888-927-9842. We are a premier service for pest control in Brooklyn

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Rats & Mice in Mill Basin, NY

Rats and mice are a problem at commercial and residential properties. You might see them around water or dumpster areas, or you might suspect them in walls, attics, or basements. If you hear scratching noises or see rodent dropping, call for rodent control immediately.

Rest Easy Pest Control uses humane integrated pest management services that cause no harm to your environment or the animals. Get the best rodent removal, no matter your situation.

Ant removal

Ants come into homes and businesses, creating unsanitary conditions and spreading germs. They also bite and cause harm to humans and animals. There are hundreds of types of ants, and the best ant removal is one that’s tailored to the type of ant and the specifics of your property’s infestation. Whether your ant infestation is indoors or outdoors, call the professionals at Rest Easy Pest Control to get the ant removal that’s right for you.

Ants, Rats, Bees, Cockroaches

Termite removal

Termites can be a problem for all types of properties. They build their nests in wood and paper building materials – like house beams and drywall – and can spread quickly through an entire building’s structure. These insects look like ants, and if you see them or clusters of small holes in wood around your property, call Rest Easy Pest Control. Termite control should be done by professionals, to make sure that your property is safe from long-term damage. Don’t take any risk in termite treatments that are less than the best.

Bed bug removal

Because they are a parasite that bites people and animals, a bed bug infestation can be extremely uncomfortable. They burrow into soft fabrics like sofas, cushions, and mattresses, and are easily carried from one place to another on their hosts. Bed bugs can infest office buildings, hotels, and other businesses as well as homes, and should be treated by professionals for thorough removal. Call Rest Easy Pest Control for bed bug removal that not only takes out the ones that are there but prevents more from infesting your life.

Cockroach removal

One of the quickest ways to judge the cleanliness of a building is whether or not you see a cockroach there. Cockroaches appear frequently, in many places, and can be hard to get rid of. They infest businesses and homes alike but are never a welcome sight. While there are many things you can do to prevent roaches from infesting your property, regular and professional pest management services is the best thing you can do. Rest Easy Pest Control manages and treats roaches, removing them and preventing them from coming back.

Bee removal

Bees can be a welcoming insect if you have a garden that you want to keep pollinated. For most home and business owners, bees and other stinging insects are pests that sting people and can cause property damage. At Rest Easy Pest Control, we believe in humane, responsible removal of bees. We use an integrated pest management approach that removes bees and other stinging pests, without creating an upset in the local ecosystem.

Life in Mill Basin, NY, can be beautiful. A pest-free home or business is part of that beauty. If you are struggling with rodent, ant, bed bug, roach, termite, or bee problems and need pest management, make a single call to Rest Easy Pest Control.