10 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Raccoons

While any sort of bug infestation can be disgusting and annoying, there’s one type of infestation that can be downright terrifying: one involving raccoons or skunks. 

a raccoon

I lived in an apartment building beneath a girl who had raccoons break into her place, and I’ll never forget how loud she screamed. (The walls were thick, but my eardrums were ringing for hours.)

Although furry animals tend to be cute, they’re the last things you want to see in your home. And even though they may seem too big to be able to break in, they’re much smarter than bugs.

It’s hard to believe if not seen for yourself, but raccoons are swiftly becoming a major nuisance in NYC and on Long Island.

Whereas country populations of these nocturnal critters can be spread out and relatively tame, intra-city ones compete with people, rats, pigeons, each other, and every other living thing for space, food, and survival. Raccoons grow quickly, are versatile eaters, and adapt better than most other animals to virtually any habitat.

They will not back down from a fight. What’s more, with claws like razor blades and strong jaws, they can get into and out of just about anything: expert climbers, they can scale a fence, tree, garbage can, or shed in no time, and whatever they need to chew through to find safety, they will.


“They look adorable, too, but don’t be fooled. Raccoons are mean!”

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Most seriously, though, they carry rabies and roundworm, and as such should not be messed with if you come across one. That said, you can keep them away from your property and minimize your chance of an encounter by adopting the following practices:

  1. Leave a TV or radio on at night. The sounds coming from our electronics spook nocturnal creatures.
  2. Bag up your trash every night. Your trash is a raccoon’s treasure, so be sure they can’t get their paws on it.
  3. Keep your garbage in a sealed can; if you can, tie down the lid with bungee cords, rope, or wire, and elevate your cans or secure them upright in a rack
  4. Don’t leave pet food lying outside. This is what often attracts raccoons and skunks to your home in the first place.
  5. Don’t leave food lying out in your kitchen. Be sure all of your food is put away and sealed.
  6. Don’t leave windows open. Be sure all possible entry points to your home are sealed from the outside.
  7. Do not ever, under any circumstances, attempt to trap or handle these animals; they are very dangerous and poorly tempered.
  8. Use an electrified fence around your garden
  9. Hang bird-feeders away from buildings, and from light branches or a non-load-bearing apparatus
  10. It is against the law in New York state to keep a raccoon as a pet; furthermore, it is incredibly silly to do so, as is it to feed them directly.

If you have trouble with raccoons or squirrel on your property, follow the above steps to help the situation. If these efforts fail you, don’t hesitate to call Rest Easy for raccoon removal. It’s our pleasure to help.

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