Tips to Choose the Best Home Pest Control

If you have an infestation of some type of pest and have wisely decided to turn to professional pest control services to get rid of them, you need to know what to look for when selecting the right company to do the job.

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This checklist will help you get the best home pest control services in your area.

 1. An established company

Everybody’s got to start somewhere, but getting rid of pests is too important of a job to rely on someone who doesn’t have a proven track record of successful pest control. Established companies not only have the experience to do the job right, they also have their hard-earned reputation to uphold.

When you hire a “fly by night’ company, you don’t know what you’re getting. Hiring a well-known, well-respected company will ensure you a high level of professionalism and competence.

2. A competitive price

As with any service, you usually get what you pay for, but that doesn’t mean that paying a higher price necessarily results in better pest removal. When comparing pest control services, you don’t want to penny pinch, you want a pest control company that meets the level of professionalism you demand.

3. A commitment to customer service

You can tell a lot about a company by the way they respond to your inquiries about their service. Are they friendly and helpful, or do they act like they could take or leave your business? Pest control is a highly personal service and you should demand an attitude that makes customer satisfaction the number-one priority.

4. A detailed treatment plan

Don’t settle for, “we’ll get rid of them; trust us” without understanding exactly what pest control services will be provided.

5. Expertise in your locality and with the type of pests you have

Pests vary from region to region and different treatment methods need to be used accordingly. Make sure the company you hire has a history of success in your area, as well as with the type of pests that need to be removed.


“Everybody’s got to start somewhere, but getting rid of pests is too important of a job to rely on someone who doesn’t have a proven track record of successful pest control.”

-Rest Easy Pest Control

Why Choose Us for Your Home Pest Control

If you are starting to notice a problem with bees, ants, bed bugs, rodents, termites or any other type of pest known to inhabit homes, contact our exterminators in Nassau County. You don’t want the problem to spiral out of control, do yourself a favor by contacting us today. If you don’t want a pest infestation on your hands, we encourage you to seek routine pest control services.

Your home will be treated as often as you would like to ensure that no pest problem creeps up on you. Our pest control professional will find the source of your problem and this is where they will start their process of controlling your pest problem. The sooner they can get the problem under control the sooner you can go back to your life as usual.

Effective Home Pest Control

The key to their being able to successfully exterminate is to get to the problem in a timely manner and find the source. This isn’t difficult for them to do if you do your part by contacting us when you see a problem developing.

If you contact our exterminators, they will quickly address your problem. They know that a problem can develop and spread fast. A pest problem can get out of control if it is not quickly controlled. We know that you will find satisfaction in the residential pest control services that we offer to you.

Termite Control 

A termite problem can easily develop in your home without your realizing it. They are extremely destructive and should be quickly taken care of. The problem is that in this case, it really is easier said than done.

Our termite control experts have the necessary experience to effectively treat your termite problem, no matter the extent of it. The reason termite problems develop without your knowledge is that they are transparent and very small.

They usually are not recognized until the problem has grown. What you might notice before you notice the termites are their wings. They will usually shed their wings once they have found a mate. When you start to see wings, there is a chance that you already have a termite infestation.

It usually takes quite some time to completely get rid of the problem. However, the sooner you recognize and contact us to treat the problem, the faster they will be completely exterminated.

Ant Infestation

ant infestation on the soil

Ant Infestation

When you recognize an ant problem inside your home, it is likely somewhere in your kitchen. Our home ant exterminators are all too familiar with ants and how the problem can easily creep up, any time of the year.

You might think that you can simply go to your local hardware store to find what you are looking for but realize that when you begin spraying them, they are not only harmful to you and your pets but they don’t get the job done.

The only way to effectively rid yourself of an ant problem is to contact our exterminators. They get to the root of the problem by finding out what the source of the problem stems from. Once they have this information, they can effectively eliminate the ant problem.

Bed Bug Treatment

You can develop a bed bug problem very easily. This isn’t really something that you can control. If you travel or use public transportation, there is a good chance that you could bring them home with you.

Not only can you bring them home with you but someone in your household could easily bring them home if they have been anywhere where bed bugs exist. Unfortunately, they are considered hitchhikers and may attach themselves to anything you bring home. 

Our bed bug exterminators will use the right methods to eliminate the problem for you. They use heat treatment, which proves especially helpful in eliminating a bed bug problem. This process is extremely successful if administered properly. 

Choose the Right Exterminator

Fortunately, while there are many pest control products that can be harmful to small children and animals, there is plenty that is family friendly. These non-toxic and low-toxic pesticides allow you to have your home treated without worrying that your children or pets (or you!) will get sick.

Avoiding highly toxic chemicals is usually better for the environment. With advances in pesticide technology, combined with a growing awareness of the need for greener and safer products, it’s now possible to get effective residential pest control without relying on potentially harmful chemicals.

Not all pest control companies are equally diligent about safety for humans and pets. So when you select a provider, make sure they follow the guidelines of the National Pest Management Association. Those rules will ensure the pest control company uses only pesticides that work and are safe—both inside and around the home.

Exterminator is spraying insecticide on the yard

But you’ll also want to talk with any pest control specialist you are considering hiring. Ask about the methods and chemicals they use to treat pests. Ask them specifically about the safety of children and pets.

Every exterminator uses different methods and chemicals so even within the NPMA guidelines; you may discover significant differences in the pest control specialists’ approaches to safety and the environment.

The need to use potentially dangerous chemicals in a home has become largely unnecessary and is often not even offered as an option.

However, you still need to be careful as you agree to a pest management plan, assuring yourself that it doesn’t put any humans or pets at risk or prove to be environmentally damaging. Of course, you don’t want to sacrifice efficiency—you want the pests gone! But it’s possible to have both safety and effective treatment.

Relax at Home

A nice bonus of ensuring that the pesticides used to treat your home are safe is that you will undergo a minimal disruption of your life during the treatment. You won’t have to check into a hotel or stay with a friend overnight. In most cases, you won’t even have to leave home!

Residential pest control has evolved to the point that you can have an efficient and convenient treatment that’s safe for your family, but be sure to check to make sure that the pest control specialist you hire uses methods and chemicals that don’t harm humans or pets.

Call Rest Easy Pest Control for proven results!***

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