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Rest Easy Pest Control in Atlantic Beach deals with your worst nightmare- household pests. These unwanted guests are hard enough to deal with, and pests like cockroaches and mice can cause great stress. Rest Easy Pest Control has been helping families and business owners out of sticky situations like this for years.

These seemingly harmless little critters can actually pose serious threats to both your family’s health and your property’s structural integrity. Our services include eradicating nuisances like bed bugs, rodents, spiders, bees, rats, ants, moths, and mosquitoes.

Our skilled team of experts has accumulated valuable experience and we can assure you there are no better exterminators on this side of Long Island.

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Pest Control Atlantic Beach Long Island

A common mistake people make is to let these infestations go on for longer than they should, either by neglect or by trying to catch these creatures on their own. While this is advisable and even admirable for the singular or so pest, this is a very bad idea when there’s more than a few of them involved.

What happens is while trying to catch the few that there are, you’re giving them time to procreate and also for potentially more to enter through the vulnerabilities in your home. When a professional steps in, the first order of business is to locate and patch up all possible points of entry to stop further pests from entering your residence.

To the untrained eye, these points of entry are very hard to discover and you can never be sure you’ve gotten them all. What this all means is that trying to solve this problem yourself will actually lead to you causing even more damage and eventually lead to more costs than you would’ve needed if you’d called a pest control professional in the first place.

If you are looking for an exterminator in Nassau County there is no one better than Rest Easy Pest Control in all of New York, let alone Atlantic Beach. We have been long established in Atlantic Beach for pest control services.

Threats Posed by Pests

Like previously mentioned these bugs and creatures can cause significant damage to your property and also put forward serious health risks. The word ‘rodent’ means to gnaw, and they do live up to the name.

To keep their ever-growing front teeth in check, rats and mice have to constantly gnaw through things. This could mean holes in your wall and exposed wiring on your property, the latter of which has the even more terrifying risk of short-circuiting and starting a fire.

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Raccoons will create holes in your roof and defecate in your attic, which constitutes its own set of health risks. Cockroaches and the like will crawl over every surface in your home and contaminate almost everything with the bacteria clinging to their bodies. This could lead to a variety of infectious diseases. Some people also become prone to asthma and breathing issues when they’ve never had them before.

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The greatest health risks are posed to children in the vicinity and it is strongly recommended that you acquire professional help when this is the case.

Children are more susceptible to the diseases these pests spread and are also more likely to ingest something contaminated by them. Pets are also known to eat and get sick from cockroaches and other insects.

Our team has dealt with everything you can think of and more. Our termite and bed bug dogs will sniff out the critters in no time, and before you know it, we’ll be rid of them and be getting out of your hair!***