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Pests don’t belong in homes. When they get in, Rest Easy Pest Control is your pest solution in Carle Place, NY. We’ve had success and employ trained, professional exterminators. These pest control technicians have seen it all, and are successful in pest removal from Carle Place homes.

Our Nassau County exterminator provides expert solutions to all kinds of pests be it ants, mosquitoes, rodents, spiders or cockroaches. Bed bugs, rats, bees; you name it, can cause not only hygiene issues but also damage to your properties. Consider that you run a small scale business, where you use many technical tools.

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Regardless of whether you are searching for ant extermination, cockroach elimination, or a termite treatment, we can help you.

Rat Removal

Household pests and rodents are stressful and can be a risk to your property and possibly your wellbeing. When pests like mice and rats get in, they need to be removed right away. Our exterminators are qualified for rat removal services in Carle Place and will get the job done.

Presence of rats only can ruin your business module. On the other hand, if there are pests and rodents roaming around your house, they can cause many bacterial diseases, not to mention pollute your environment as a whole. Families with kids and pets are in more danger, as these irritations cause the most amount of problems to them.

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Ant Removal

Ants are seemingly harmless creatures but do not belong in the home. When they get in, you can try treating them yourself, but if the problems bad you should consult a pest control professional. We’ve had much success with ant removal in Carle Place. We attack the problem at hand, find where they’re getting in, and prevent the issue from recurring.

If you need ant control services, Rest Easy Pest Control is always a quality choice.

Bee Removal

Bees are scary, especially when they’re around your home. We have pros who can help Carle Place residents get rid of their bees. Our technicians are trained and professional and will dismantle any beehive you’ve acquired. If you need bee removal in Carle Place, Rest Easy is here to help.

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Our services are constant with review surveys and around the clock presence. We believe in customer-service loyalty and are focused on making your life pest free! Our sole motive is to make Carle Place the cleanest and the most pest-free town in Nassau County. We don’t just stop there. We promise to progress our services and extend our reach to LI and beyond.***

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