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If you have pest problem on your hands, are in need of Pest Control in Kings Point, then Rest Easy Pest Control is the solution. We have been providing the best pest control in Nassau County, NY for the past 10 years. The hot and humid climate of New York attracts numerous pest like a magnet. Pest such as bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, rodents, ants, and mosquitoes, to name only a few, there are plenty more.

A minor pest problem can explode into a full-on infestation. The reason is that they usually swarm in large colonies, and they can multiply alarmingly quickly. That is why it is so important to call on a pest control service at the first sign of a problem in your home. A small issue can turn into a big problem in mere days. It is always easier to solve a small problem before it gets bigger of course.

Home Pest Control in Kings Point

When it comes to residential pest control there are pests which can spread and reproduce very quickly. They can thrive for months going by undetected in the dark corners of your home. Some of them are notorious for contaminating food and spreading diseases. Cockroaches and rodents are the most infamous for doing this.

Their bodies contain harmful bacteria which can transmit diseases causing illnesses to you and your family. Usually, children can contract these diseases due to their underdeveloped immune systems.

Unfortunately, many of these pests dwell in the dark so they usually seek refuge in attics, basements and other dark areas of your home. This is why it is imperative to have a qualified pest control service to inspect your home for ANY signs of pests that could cause a much bigger problem down the road.

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Rest Easy Pest Control has years of experience dealing with rat and mice infestations of all sizes. If spreading diseases were not enough, rodents also have a habit of causing electrical system problems. Rats are well equipped with razor sharp teeth, so they are constantly biting and gnawing on things like wires.

Commercial Pest Control

We also have vast experience and knowledge in servicing commercial businesses in Long Island, NY. No business wants their workplace interrupted by a pest extermination process. So, we will work with you at your convenience.

We know that in some cases it may not be inconvenient to treat pests during a weekday or office hours. That is no problem for us! We have pest control services during weekends and even have night shifts too if it’s necessary. Our main goal is to solve your pest problem without causing disturbances to you or your business.

After a successful extermination job, we will provide educational services. We educate clients and staff on ways they can take preventive measures to help avoid future infestations. All of this combines will ensure a place of business that is pest-free for good, so you can maximize your businesses output without disturbance.

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Rest Easy Pest Control Kings Point is the most dependable exterminators in Long Island, NY, and are qualified to take care of any pest problem you or your business may be experiencing. Contact us today for an evaluation from one of our highly-trained pest control experts!***

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