Pest Control Malverne NY

Where there are houses, there are pests and where there are pests, there are pest control companies. Rest Easy Pest Control is the best pest control service in Malverne, Nassau County, NY. While it is one of the many, Rest Easy is also considered the best in its field.

Why is that? Not surprisingly, Rest Easy Pest Control promises to eradicate every single pest from the inside and the outside premises of your house, but then again, this is a promise that every other company makes as well (even if they may eventually fail to deliver on their word).

Our unique element is our willingness to make that special effort to ensure that the pests that our technicians have worked so hard to get rid of do not come back again. For example, one of our preventive procedures includes caulking up cracks and openings which usually work as possible entry points for the smaller pests and rodents such as bed bugs, rats, spiders, mice, ants and many more.

“We have the best exterminators in town who are highly trained. They know how to deal with pests, what products to use, and which instruments are the best at the job.”

The Unwanted Pests

In addition to the pests above, we also offer control measures for wildlife animals. This is because even if it may seem unlikely, you could be housing dangerous animals such as raccoons, snakes, opossums, squirrels and even winged creatures like birds.

Rest Easy is your one-stop service for all wildlife removal needs. Don’t wait for a second longer and call today.

Bird Control

The most common bird seen in Nassau County is the pigeon. Pigeons use buildings as nesting areas, and their droppings contain a certain sort of uric acid, which can eat through wood and cement, and may cause roofs to collapse and giant holes in the ceilings to appear.

a pigeon on top of a building

A collapsed roof could even result in serious injury or death of the inhabitants living in the pigeon-infested building.

Homeowners suspecting any sort of pigeon activity in their house should first look in the corners of the roof and the chimney.

Pigeons may also be found in the air ducts of the building or house, enabling them to spread air-borne diseases into the house and also block the fresh cold air from coming in.

Bed Bugs

If you are still not convinced, perhaps a further introduction of the pests that usually wander around your surrounding may suffice to change your mind. Although these wingless, tiny insects are usually considered to be relatively whimsical and harmless, bugs do more harm than just pester you.

Bugs solely rely on the blood of their victims. The victims may not feel anything during the entire feeding process with only the small bites remaining as any sort of evidence of their existence. It should be noted though that bugs, that is bed bugs, are not known to be able to transmit any kind of infectious diseases to human beings. Almost all bugs are incredibly small in size which allows them to get through the tiniest nooks and cracks, without even causing holes.

These bugs also tend to use the plumbing and wiring of the walls as access points into the house. Homeowners suspecting any sort of bug issue should look for pests in spots such as between the mattress and bed spring, the folds of the bedding and the corners of the furniture.

Additionally, there are other ways of knowing if you are in need of the assistance of a pest control service. Since bugs usually operate at night, the first clue may be the red bite mark on your skin. They also emit a certain kind of musky smell that is similar to that of coriander. In fact, the more infested the area is, the smellier it gets.

When you need a bed bug exterminator in the New York City/Long Island area, you can always count on Rest Easy.

Rat Removal

Rats are a scary sight to see around your home or business area. You may be scared about getting too close to it that it bites you, but the more threatening thing is the diseases they carry. If they’re running around your kitchen and getting into your food, it is not safe. Your best chance to get rid of them is hiring your local rat exterminator like Rest Easy Pest Control. In the New York area, we have years of success in removing mice from homes.

So what are you waiting for? Call Rest Easy Pest Control for your pest solution!***