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The best pest control in Merrick can be found only with Rest Easy Pest Control. We’ve helped rescue residents of Nassau County for several years as our service only gets better. Rest Easy Pest Control is here to ensure that the lives of these other residents do not become intertwined with the home lives of yours.

Wildlife Removal

It is almost surprising to consider that our seemingly safe houses do actually have the ability to become infested by from the smallest of pests to the largest of the animals. However, it is true. Each and every nook and corner of your house has the ability to invite in these uninvited guests in: That really tiny crack at the corner of the wall that you may have never noticed may be responsible for acting as a bridge between the termites and the structure of your house.

Some pests or rodents’, to be more precise, are known to have really agile and flexible bodies. These allow them to get through passageways smaller than their own bodies. Even the rooftops and chimneys of your house may not be as safe as you think they are.

When you need rodent exterminator for a rat or mouse, contact Rest Easy. We are experts in finding and handling these types of animals.

Ants, Rats, Bees, Cockroaches

Bed Bug Removal

Bed bugs are nasty and can be embarrassing. When you see them, you need to get those bed bugs removed pronto. Rest Easy is experienced in bed bug extermination in Merrick as we’ve been treating Long Island for many years.

When you have a bed bug infestation, contact us right away. We’ll send an exterminator to inspect the problem for free. When you give us the OK, our bed bug exterminator will make sure every last one is removed. If this is your infestation, it’s in both of our interests that it’s handled as soon as possible.

Cockroach Removal

Roaches do not normally invade houses as they are not necessarily in need of shelter or warmth. They are, however, always in search of food. Our case experience shows that nine out of ten times the household was only infested by cockroaches due to food items being left strewn around in the open, attracting this pest.

Even though Rest Easy Pest Control may successfully exterminate every sign of this pest from your house, the only way to truly avoid a future confrontation with these enemies of nature is by taking preventive measures against a few common pests that are more usually found to be infesting home areas.

We also provide additional support such as creating barriers such as caulking up openings and entry points and setting up normal traps that do not have the potential to cause any harm to your family members and pets.

Ant Removal

Ants are commonly found marching around Merrick homes, primarily in the kitchens and bathrooms. They must have found an entry point which needs to be blocked off. The thing is, ants are weirdly smart, so once one finds that entrance, it invites all it’s friends to come along. Especially if there’s food.

If you need ant extermination services in Merrick, NY, you can Rest Easy. Rest Easy Pest Control has been removing ants and preventing their reentrance for years. When you rely on our professional home ant exterminators, you can bet that the infestation will be eliminated.

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Speaking of harm, it should be mentioned that while we do allow our technicians to go for medicinal treatments, if necessary, the use of insecticides and pesticides are only reserved for extreme measures and only if and when the health and safety of the household’s members, including pets, are not in any risk. This is precisely why, instead of opting for sprays, we go ahead with dusting medicine to kill off pests.***