Pest Control The Terrace NY

One of the longest standing pest control in The Terrace, NY, is Rest Easy Pest Control. From our offices in NYC and LI, we offer our services to all of Nassau County, including smaller areas like The Terrace which often don’t have any options for an exterminator in Nassau. Call Pest Control The Terrace at Rest Easy Pest Control when you spot a pest infestation.

We like to go the extra mile for our customers, here literally. This sometimes means road trips out to a quaint little town from either our New York or Long Island offices for our employees, but no one really minds it.

Rest Easy Pest Control covers the pest control of over 80 unique species of pest, including, of course, the ones most likely to plague someone living in Nassau County. Some of the bugs we have been fighting off for over a decade now are bed bugs, spiders, bees, mice, ants, moths, and mosquitoes.

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“Our team of professionals is dedicated when it comes to making your home pest-free. We thoroughly inspect every nook and cranny of your household to make sure that no more pests are sneaking around.”


Professional Exterminators

Every one of our employees has gone through comprehensive training to be able to handle whatever these pests throw at them. A happy customer is what is most important to us, so we do our best to not only rid you of every last one of the pests but do so at the least time possible.

Our age means that we have seen it all and then some when it comes to pest control in Nassau. If you are in the market for an exterminator, there is no better than Rest Easy Pest Control. We’ve helped customers with everything from just pest proofing the house and getting rid of the odd cockroach or two, to taking control of a massive infestation of rodents.

Effective Methods

When we reach a customer’s home, the first order of the day is to find out where the infestation has gathered, what species of pests it is exactly, how far along the infestation has come and then our team creates a plan for the extermination using that data. It is also determined if more help is needed and more employees are called in if that is the case.

At the end of every visit we make, whether or not there was a big infestation, we always finish the procedure by pest proofing the house so that you don’t have to see a repeat occurrence of pest infestation.

A Complete Inspection and Extermination

Pest proofing the home means fixing up any possible entry points for pests of all sizes. This must be thoroughly done or there’s no point. Rats and cockroaches, for example, can squeeze into holes much smaller than their body size, this can be less than a quarter of an inch for the latter.

Identifying and sealing every hole or gap in the house is something that is very important. One of the ways we do this is by using weatherstripping for all windows and doors.

We Value Your Time and Money

Let us take care of this stressful situation. Any sort of infestation can be incredibly distressing and disruptive to your family’s lives for the duration of it.

To save money and time, do yourself a favor by immediately calling Pest Control The Terrace at Rest Easy Pest Control when you spot an infestation.***