Pest Control Wantagh NY

Are you in the search for pest control in Wantagh? You’ve come to the right place. There is no better than Rest Easy Pest Control. We have been serving pest control in Nassau County for over a decade now, and have amassed a reputation that we are fiercely proud of. Call Rest Easy Pest Control when you spot an infestation.

We’re familiar to a lot of people in Nassau County given our long-standing operations, you won’t have to look far for a neighbor that recommends us in Wantagh, and even Long Island and NYC.

The state of New York is notorious for its abhorrent humidity levels, and to make things worse, this makes its cities particularly inviting to pests. By extension, this means pests are also more likely to invade your home for even cozier breeding conditions than there are outside.

Add pest control fees to heating and air conditioning bills, and it almost makes you want to move. This is where we come in. Rest Easy Pest Control wants your business, but that’s not all you mean to us. Just one visit from us will be enough to last you for years because of how we do things.

“Our team of professionals is dedicated when it comes to making your home pest-free. We thoroughly inspect every nook and cranny of your household to make sure that no more pests are sneaking around.”


Pest Control Wantagh: Don’t Delay Pest Control

The intention to put off calling an exterminator is understandable but very inadvisable. People seem to dismiss every pest problem as something that will sort itself out on its own, which is almost never the case. Instead, waiting to contact a professional can makes things much worse for you.

The difference in calling us a week apart could be thousands of dollars in property damage or likewise in healthcare costs. Infestations are much easier to control and eradicate in earlier stages, and they get exponentially more dangerous as time goes by.

In the long run, the best thing to do is to get in touch with an exterminator as soon as you suspect something has gone wrong. Do not doubt your instincts, or dismiss them. The worst that could happen is we come to your house and find nothing is wrong, but even then we don’t ever leave our customer’s empty-handed.

“In the long run, the best thing to do is to get in touch with an exterminator as soon as you suspect something has gone wrong. Do not doubt your instincts, or dismiss them.” 

Pest Control Wantagh: Getting Rid of the Unwanted Pests

Let’s get into the possible scenarios here, starting from the worst. You might guess what this one will be: a full-blown infestation right under your nose that you were unaware of.

You might think this wouldn’t happen to you, but over half our visits have actually ended up this way. Small insects like cockroaches and spiders and even bigger pests like rats and mice have extraordinary hiding abilities.

They’ve been fine-tuning their skillset for hundreds of years; it’s not really that surprising when you think about it. If we’re worrying you, the scary part’s over, now comes the comforting thought. Our employees have been gone through rigorous training that’s been followed up by years of practical experience.

We’ve been dealing with situations ranging from two rodents finding their way into someone’s home to two hundred cockroaches infiltrating someone’s basement.


Pest Control Wantagh: Experienced Exterminators

Our employees are continuously learning the most current and safe pest control methods. Rest Easy Pest Control is determined to provide you with nothing short of perfect.

From our base of operations in Long Island, we have been treating infestations statewide of pests like bed bugs, bees, ants, moths, and even the rare mosquitoes.

Now for the next probable case, you could have an infestation that’s still in its earlier stages. This is the point where everything goes downhill, fast. There are only a few of one kind of pest in the home. This is a simple situation to take charge of, and you most likely won’t even have to leave the house while we work.

The last scenario is one where there’s nothing amiss. But even then, we accompany each visit with a pest proofing, so calling us would not be an unproductive decision. It could even save you thousands in the long run.***