Pest Control Argo Village NY

Pest control in Argo Village is no longer a challenge thanks to Rest Easy Pest Control. We provide these local residents with various, effective pest control techniques. These activities help them avoid the nuisance brought by these tiny creatures aside from the damage they can inflict and the risk to the well being of the occupants of the property.

It is worth noting that, the quality in pest control ranges from one practitioner to another. It is crucial that you go for the best service provider on the market.

Rest Easy Pest Control has the best team of pest control experts that deal with the eradication of bed bugs, rodents, spiders, cockroaches, bees and any other pests that may prove an impediment to the comfort of your life at home. Their scope of work also includes New York, with a huge customer base in NYC.

exterminators are removing a beehive on house porch

Methods of Pest Control

There is a number of ways employed by Rest Easy Pest Control professionals in the process of extermination and eradication. Depending on the type of pest and the extent of invasion, the suitable method is undertaken to ensure that the pests are gotten rid of efficiently. These methods are as discussed below.

Pest Proofing

This can also be referred to as pest exclusion. It is an environmentally friendly technique that is proactive and purposes to stop the nuisance before it happens hence ensuring that pests cannot access your living space.

It is executed by erecting barriers around your homestead so that the need for pesticides is eliminated. Most pests including bed bugs, rodents, spiders, cockroaches, bees take advantage of cracks and crevices in our walls to make a home or move along them into our homes.

Our Nassau County pest control technicians take the initiative to seal these cracks in a professional manner so that these pests have no place to move along. They go through your property searching for and removing items and appliances to locate any avenues that a given pest would use as an entry or hideout and make sure that they are properly sealed.

This can be done by the use of different materials such as clear caulk, steel wool, metal plating or expanding foam which block these entry points and is difficult to compromise.

Heat Treatment

bed bug fecal stain on a queens apartment

Bed bug fecal stain on an apartment

This method uses heat, and it is applied when you put your clothes into a dryer and setting the temperature high, steaming items such as rugs, sofas and other furniture to kill the pests that might be living inside them.

However, this method is limited to items that can fit in the dryer, some such as mattresses that are large will not be able to be treated in this way. Thermal heating programs are also harnessed and provide an efficient way of dealing with insects for people living in urban areas.

A combination of heaters, fans, and generators is used to raise the temperature of a house to levels that these insects cannot survive. It is especially suitable for bedbugs, and it can be done in a span of a single treatment.

The pest control Argo Village experts monitor the procedure closely and note the temperature reached so that all the bugs are effectively exterminated.

Freezing Treatment

This is an extremely quick process that makes use of a compound called cryonite. This eliminates the insects by freezing. It does so by reaching a very low temperature under which no insect can survive. Carbon dioxide snow is the cooling medium which the cryonite unit sprays from a specially designed nozzle.

With the optimal mixture of snow particle speed and size, the cooling process is fast enough to ensure that any insects together with their eggs and larvae are dead, leaving your property pest proof and without the stress of having to deal with them anymore.***