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The best pest control Briar Park in Long Island, New York has been Rest Easy Pest Control for almost a decade. Our company caters to the entirety of Nassau Countyand Long Island. Rest Easy Pest Control is the highest recommended pest control in Nassau County because of our specialty in all the pests common to the county. In Briar Park alone, we’ve dealt with instances of bed bugs, spiders, bees, rats, mice, ants, moths, and even mosquitoes.

Our units of people have been selected with each individual’s training and experience in mind, while also accounting for compatibility. The teams have been at it for a while, and it really shows when they make quick work of every infestation they tackle.

Through anything from eradicating an infestation of rodents with ease, to stop one from ever happening at all by introducing you to pest control methods, to aiding you with repairs that are the consequence of an invasion, our employees will have your back for. We aren’t known as the best exterminator Nassau for nothing.

We Get Rid of All Pests

an exterminator is spraying insecticide around a house

If you ever think there might be an infestation on your property, or even believe one might be in the works, no matter the specifics, getting in touch with us is the best course of action.

Granted that this isn’t invariably true, there is still a significant chance of there being a major infestation on the property if you’ve only spotted a few insects of the same kind around the house.

The worst thing to do here is to shrug it off. Bugs like these are phenomenally sneaky. Cockroaches are able to squeeze into gaps much smaller than their body, giving them access to a lot of places you wouldn’t think of.

This is something they’ve evolved over thousands of years to be able to do, it’s not surprising that they’re good at it, but still, you see most people underestimating them.

Contacting a pest control professional early is key to stopping an infestation in its tracks before it’s able to deal some serious damage. Not only that, it also means much lower costs for you in the long run because it prevents structural damage to your property and also medical bills for family or pets.

Regardless of whether or not an infestation is actually found, it will provide you with great peace of mind when our team finishes examining your home from top to bottom and comes up with nothing. It means you’ve been taking good care of your property, it’s quite a feat.

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If the mental satisfaction doesn’t seem enough for you, well it’s always better to be safe than sorry. In the long run, it’s much better for you to call an exterminator when there wasn’t an infestation than to have to call one after the infestation has blown up into something that’s impossible to miss.

No matter what, we always educate our clients in the best pest control practices they can start to implement. We also make sure to pest proof every home or business we visit, and together this nearly guarantees you’ll never have to call an exterminator again. We do our best to always have encounters that are as productive as possible.

Here at Rest Easy Pest Control, we have deep knowledge of the workings of many species of pests. Over the years we have worked with a wide variety of pests and on every stage of their progress, you can think of. We’ve helped customers with just one rodent in the apartment to hundreds of cockroaches living in the basement.***