Facts About Cockroaches You Probably Didn’t Know

The more you know about a pest, the better equipped you will be at controlling them. Controlling roaches is no different. By studying them, you can adapt as well, and become more efficient at destroying them.

Cockroaches pop up everywhere. They typically live in dark, dank places, but you can also spot the occasional pest scurrying across a sidewalk while you’re out on a walk late at night. One great attribute that assists cockroaches in living longer is their ability to hide extremely well from humans.

Once a cockroach gains access to your home, they will hide in dark damp areas like basements, crawl spaces, bathrooms, kitchen cabinets, and large appliances. Cockroaches will contaminate your food, your cookware, and your utensils. They are also known to hide out under bathroom sinks, shower drains and laundry rooms as well. If you’re having continuous problems with roaches in the house, it’s time to call your local roach exterminator.

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Controlling cockroaches can be quite an endeavor since certain species have adapted to survive within our society.

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Controlling Roaches in House: Know Thy Enemy

What makes the cockroach so sneaky is their speed. Once a light is flipped on, cockroaches can scatter quickly, in many cases before even being seen by the human eye. Most cockroach infestations are rarely discovered until it is much too late and the nest is full of thousands of roaches.

Here are facts that you probably didn’t know about cockroaches.

  • Only 25 species of roaches have adapted to our society

Although there are a few thousand species of cockroaches in the world, only a small handful of them — around 25 — have adapted to our society. Okay, so maybe this won’t help you with controlling roaches, per se, but it’s good to know that the situation could be a lot worse.

  • Roaches can run more 3 MPH

If you’ve ever switched on a light and seen a roach scurry across the floor, you’ve probably noticed how fast they are. Cockroaches can run more than 3 mph, so you can forget about chasing them down one by one.

  • They are social pests

Roaches don’t work alone. It is rare that your home will have some kind of rogue, loner cockroach. If you find one, you probably have more. If not, it’s possible that the insect has laid eggs somewhere, which you’ll probably figure out soon enough.

Cockroaches like to stay together. When looking for food or shelter, they will often band together to forage for sustenance or find a place to call home, if even for one night. When they venture out separately and are able to locate something they needed, a roach will produce an odor that attracts his or her brethren.

  • They can survive one week without water

Like most insects, roaches need to eat and drink in order to survive. Actually, eating and reproducing are pretty much their two primary goals. More importantly, though, a cockroach can only survive for approximately one week without water. Which means that one way to keep them away from your home is to remove water sources.

  • Female cockroach is only impregnated once in her lifetime

She holds onto the male’s sperm and is able to reproduce pretty much any time she wants. This is why it is important to get rid of every single cockroach in your home since just one female can create more pests.

  • Roaches can eat anything

We all know that cockroaches are in search of food at any given time. What you might not realize, however, is that a roach can eat virtually anything it wants, whether it’s paper, glue, or actual food.

 Cockroaches Are Harmful to You and Your Family’s Health

Cockroaches thrive on invading and living inside of homes and businesses. All cockroaches carry and transmit diseases and dangerous bacteria, and these cockroaches can contaminate food and food prep areas.

Think about all of the places a cockroach may have been before they gained access into your home and began crawling on top of your food, your furniture, your clothing and unfortunately in some cases even you.

Cockroaches forage through garbage piles, drain pipes, sewers, dumpsters and animal carcasses. Cockroaches also cause allergies and breathing problems to people with weakened immune systems. It is essential that cockroaches be removed from your home to prevent serious illness from befalling you or anyone in your family.

Prevention Tips For Warm Weather Cockroach Infestations

Now that spring is already here, it’s time to begin thinking about all those nasty pests that want nothing more than to use your home as their own personal buffet. Of all the pest problems that a homeowner can experience, cockroach infestations are among the worst.

Although these insects can live in nearly any environment, the warm weather tends to bring them out in droves. The good news, however, is that there are ways to prevent cockroach infestations, and we’re here to tell you how.

  • Avoid leaks or other water sources

Cockroaches are drawn to places where there is a water source available, much like other insects. If your home has leaky pipes, especially outside, this can bring these pests into your home by the dozens at least, if not even more.

Any leaky pipes should be fixed immediately. And if your outdoor landscaping includes water sources like a fountain or pond, make sure you’re keeping up their maintenance.

a clean kitchen in the house

  • Keep your kitchens clean

They’re not in your home to hang around and have fun — they need to eat. They can feed on a variety of substances, not just traditional food, but trash is still a likely source of sustenance for these creatures. Cleaning your kitchen on a daily basis will remove much of the foodstuffs that bring these insects — and other pests — into your home, greatly reducing their numbers.

  • Seal leftovers and remove trash immediately

These tips are an extension of keeping your kitchen clean. When you have leftovers, don’t leave them on an open plate inside your fridge. Not only is this bad for the food, it promotes the accumulation of insects, including cockroaches.

This food must be sealed in airtight containers to cover up any smells that might get out. As for trash, throwing it away in a receptacle is a great start, but to keep the odors from attracting cockroaches, take the garbage outside pronto.

Hire A Professional to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Your Home

Cockroach infestations don’t typically happen overnight. They take a while to build up as more and more of the dirty critters come inside your home looking for food. Once the first few begin to reproduce, it can be rather difficult to get rid of them.

Pest control experts are well-trained in getting rid of cockroach infestations once they’ve begun, but preventive pest control is a great option.

This basically comes down to periodic visits by a pest control expert to check for any signs of cockroaches and other insects, and apply whatever poisons, traps, or other methods will help keep the insects away. If you have encountered a cockroach problem in your home or office, contact Rest Easy Pest Control immediately. ***

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