Pest Control Brookville

Rest Easy Pest Control has been serving pest control in Brookville, NY for many years. We provide our services to all of Nassau County from our bases in Long Island and New York. Rest Easy Pest Control has been a Nassau County exterminator catering to Brookville for almost a decade now.

Our services include getting rid of over 75 different species of pests common to the county. These include, amongst others, bed bugs, spiders, cockroaches, bees, rats, mice and also moths, which surprises some.

Our exterminators have received extensive training in dealing with harmful pests in numbers both great and small. Our methods are always a reflection of the severity of the situation and we make sure that there are no chemicals or sprays used unnecessarily.

a black rat on white background

Black Rat

Because we deal with a wide variety of infestation levels, our employees are trained to recognize what sort of response each situation requires, instead of blindly following a single set of rules for each pest.

There’s no need to bring in fogging machines and kick you out to smoke out the entire premises for smaller infestations of mosquitoes that are more nuisances than they are dangerous, for example. This also saves both money and time and allows us to be less of a bother to your daily lives ongoings.

Our Treatment Process

an exterminator is spraying insects around a house

We are a pest control Nassau that provides services for everything from rodents to ants, and on levels varying from single rodent ‘infestations’ to, of course, much larger scale ones.

Rest Easy Pest Control has been at this for over a decade, and we take pride in our body of work which spans the state. From our offices in NYC and LI, we’ve serviced clients throughout the county and during all our visits we encourage the weather stripping of the home or place of business’s doors and windows.

There is no point to paying for extermination if you still leave yourself open to another one down the line. If nothing else, we insist on weather stripping the first floor of the property at the very least. We do like to leave our customers happy, but we know no one wants to have to see us again after the first time, because of what a visit from us entails.

Pest control measures like this greatly improve your chances of never having to encounter another exterminator again, at least not for a professional visit. We also like to leave customers with the best tips and tricks they can implement in their home to prevent any more pest issues.

After we’ve finished patching up all possible points of entry for these critters, if you continue to consistently maintain your home, it’s likely you won’t see any pests again for years.

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Rest Easy Pest Control has also been a friend to businesses the county over. Infestations happen to the best of us, and we understand the need for discretion when it comes to your place of business.

We are willing to work at odd times to be able to accommodate your schedule and do so quietly and quickly. The stigma around pests are particularly hurtful to businesses and we recommend you contact us as soon as possible so can contain the situation before it gets completely out of hand.

Your restaurant can easily come back from a cockroach spotting, but a large rat infestation being uncovered is known to close a place down. Then there’s also termites, which not only reduce property value and possibly your safety deposit on the property (and then some), they also breed very rapidly and lead to expensive repairs for the building. Large expenses like these at once often lead to businesses going under.***